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7.02 Modern Warfare and Its Legacy

No description

Samantha Stelmaszek

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of 7.02 Modern Warfare and Its Legacy

7.02 Modern Warfare and Its Legacy
Tweet 1.
The battle between the Americans and the Germans has just began. I am a US solider who is missing home at this moment. For this is a bloody battle.
Tweet 2.
I decided that me fighting in this war would prove to my family that I am not worthless. I hope i can, and if not ill die trying, like all my companions who died. #RestTheirSouls.
Tweet 3.
The only thing keeping me going in this war is my faith in God, and my family. For I do not know how much longer this war will carry on.
Tweet 4.
With so many companions falling injured we are running out of supplies for the sick. #IHaveFallinIll. Hope my sickness is not Deathly.
Tweet 5.
Today i travel to the trenches. They are filled with rotting bodies of fallen soldiers, and blood splattered everywhere. I fear of not returning to the base i came from.
Tweet 6.
Being in this trench makes me realize how much i miss home, where my family anxiously awaits for my return. #ILoveYouMom.
Tweet 7.
If i have to write the last letter of my life to my family it would state;
"I know i screwed up a lot in my life, but i believe that i accomplished a lot here in this war. I will always be with you. I love you with all my heart."
Tweet 8.
Through the night all you can hear are the sounds of bullets flying through the air, and hitting their unknown targets. As i try to sleep through the sounds of flaring bullets, i remember my most prized memories.
Tweet 9.
The battle is at an halfway mark, with us succeeding. This is a small victory for the men who surround me. I know though that this means we only have to fight harder. #WeWillWin
Tweet 10.
Long days and nights, have passed and i can see myself returning homes in any day. I am proud to say that America will most likely win this battle. Lets just pray ill survive these last few days.
By Samantha Stelmaszek
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