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Daniel's Story

No description

Cheryl Tocket

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Daniel's Story

Daniel's Story
At this time, 1933, Germany was lead by Adolf Hitler who had gained power under the Nazi party and made himself Chancellor. He had declared himself Dictator of Germany and thus created a government where he had complete control.
Germany 1933
Though the character of Daniel and his family are fictional, the main events included in the story are non-fiction and accurate.
Please read this story with the respect that it deserves.
An introduction to the Holocaust
Daniel's story follows the life of a young, Jewish boy who lived during the events of World War II in Nazi Germany.
Chaim Frenkiel
Born: Gabin, Poland
November 2, 1927
**This young man lived during the time of the Holocaust.
His image is being used to represent Daniel, a fictitious character.
This is Clara. She is a Holocaust survivor.
Take a moment to listen to her story.
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