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Ryan Overton

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Medicine

Educated doctors were limited only few resources, and most of them were made with natural ingredients.
Background Information
Ryan- Technology Guru
Jake- Project Manager
Bianca- Reformer Expert
Our Positions
Elizabeth Blackwell
Born in Bristol, United Kingdom
on Feburary 3rd 1821
Elizabeth Blackwell
Medicine and Health Care was was a problem because there were not a lot of medical schools in America, The treatments were not good and the ingredients were very limited

Medicine/Health care
Ryan Overton, Jake Anapolsky, Bianca Ward
Thomas Gallaudet
December 10, 1787 – September 10, 1851
Miss Dorothea Dix
Born April 4, 1802 - Died 1887
Never married
Born in the Frontier town of Hampden, Maine
Raised in a poor family
At 12 moved to Boston to live with her wealthy grandmother
Became a teacher for girls
Traveled to England for 5 years and leaned about the treatment of insanity
Returned to Massachusetts in 1841 and started teaching Sunday school to women in jail
Did not have a job
Traveled Massachusetts going to jails looking for information
Wanted to increase the size of state hospital for the insane

It took exactly 100 years to find a medicine that actually cured an illness
although medicine is not made with herbs today approximately 40% of medicines contain or are related to herbs.
Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
He attended Yale University
Once met a young deaf girl and was very interested in her disorder
The girls father asked Gallaudet to go to England to study more methods on teaching deaf children
When in England, he was taught by the Braidwood family
Abbé Sicard, head of the Institution Nationale des Sourds-Muets à Paris, invited him to Paris to study the institutions new method of teaching the deaf, manual communication
Galladuet learned sign language and then sailed back to the New England with this new knowledge
She attended Geneva Medical College in Upstate New York
An award called the Elizabeth Blackwell award it is only given out to some graduates at William and Smith College.
In the year of 1949 there was a celebration of 100 years since she grauduated from medical school
Graduated January 23, 1849
Rejected by 29 schools
Doctors were "curing" people with different medications that did not actually cure them, it took over 100 years to figure out the illnesses cure
Many people believed you could cure yourself with the powers of water an nature
In the west not only doctors but people thought that diseases were caused by and imbalance or disturbance with the body
There were mid wives - specialists in giving birth and they were married to many husbands in the medical career, they also helped practiced medicine making

Doctors based there understanding of illnesses with information from at least 2,000 years ago that lacked any scientific basis
In 1806 the first licensing laws were passed in the US, in New York, called the Medical Practices Act.
Connecticut passed a similar law in 1832. The Thomsonians fought back and had it repealed in 1842.
Began Women and Children Infirmary in New York after college

Wrote a book in 1852 called "The Laws of Life"
Elizabeth moved to the United States when she was 11 years old with her family.
She was the first women worldwide to graduate from College
In the late 1860s, Elizabeth Blackwell created a medical school for women
She believed that maintaining sanitary conditions was an important aspect of health
She retired in 1877 and moved to Hastings. she died at her home there on May 31, 1910
He raised enough money and founded the American School of the Deaf (ASD)
Helped 32 state institutions
Became a teacher for girls
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