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Transcendalism Era

No description

Rebecca Makio

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Transcendalism Era

Transcendentalism Philosophy Religion Political Social -Reflection of the Soul

-Physical facts of the natural world were a doorway to the spiritual world -Nature is pure

-It’s free from commercialization and industrialization

-It is a chance for humans to get in touch with their soul “God exists in a spiritual realm and never has/never will interfere with anything on Earth or in the universe. He is interested and involved in humanity, but does not interfere in any way in our physical lives” -People used their own intuition to find God Transcendentalism involves listening to your soul rather than what society shows Transcendentalism can help solve conflicts involving racism, slavery, sexism, violence, and poverty Meditating took too much time Families focused on the pursuit of survival



-Housework They
souls Transcendentalists took action on
*Women’s Rights
*Reform Often criticized the way government ran things They believed in non-violent protesting Apolitical (meaning do not to take part in a particular voting party, religion or political alliance) Believed government should reflect their work on the importance of the individual . Transcendentalists had 3 basic beliefs 1. "God is present in every aspect of nature, including every human being" 2. "Everyone is capable of apprehending God through the use of intuition" 3. "Belief that all nature is symbolic of the spirit" Ralph Waldo Emerson- “We will walk on our own feet; we will work with our own hands, we will speak with our own minds…a nation of men will for the first time exist, because each believes himself inspired by the Divine Soul which also inspires all men” Transcendentalists differed from earlier philosophical beliefs because it stated that human beings had self-wisdom and self-knowledge Transcendentalism revolves around one’s self. Emphasizes that humans are capable of doing what is right by becoming aware of what their soul and intuition are saying. This will guide humans to the correct decisions and actions. Popular Transcendentalists of the Era:
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Henry David Thoreau Modern Transcendentalists: Martin Luther King Jr. Mahatma Gandhi Mother Theresa This era flourished due to the lectures and books produced by Emerson and Thoreau. Did it work
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