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Global Citizen

No description

liann chouinard

on 15 December 2011

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Transcript of Global Citizen

Global Citizen Global Environments The new bulbs are slated to have
33 percent less mercury than
products currently on the shelves,
at 5 milligrams of mercury each.
This reduction amounts to 360
pounds of mercury per 100 million
bulbs sold When i dont
need to use a light
i turn it off when i leave
the room. Human rights Everyone should
have a peacful world
so no one is hurt or
mistreated. Whereas recognition of the
inherent dignity and of the
equal and inalienable rights
of all members of the human
family is the foundation of
freedom, justice and peace in the world, Cultural Difference I am not racist because
i dont care if my friends
are chinese or black. What the minister of Immigration
and Citizenship did yesterday is
contrary to what he called "a value
of openness and equality." What kind
of values and openness are we talking
about when the minister singled out
a group of women who, because of their
religious beliefs or cultural backgrounds,
chose to wear a niqab to exercise their
individual rights and freedoms that are
guaranteed under the Charter? Quality of life I give too the poor
the clothes i dont
wear anymore.
Since September 2010, the City
of Hinesville has been awarded
$27,374,045 in grant funding
to benefit all residents of Hinesville
in a wide variety of areas. These
areas include both city and county
law enforcement and fire departments,
school security, homeless prevention and
housing, housing rehabilitation, Fair
Housing education, Veterans’ support,
transportation enhancement, cultural venue
construction, energy efficiency and conservation,
and water reclamation and quality enhancement. Sustainable living I know someone
who usues solar panels
instead of electricity.
By most accounts, the Christmas
Tree has been a tradition since
the 16th century. The lighting
of the National Christmas Tree
at the White House has been an
unbroken tradition for 89 years,
and that tree is a living Blue Spruce.
But the tree inside the White House is not
-- this year’s 19-foot tall Balsam Fir
came from Wisconsin. World Heritage I take care and
be gentle to my baby teddy bears because i dont want to break them ans i want to keep then as long as possible. The director of the department,
Gaogakwe Phorano, said at a
press conference in Gaborone
yesterday that the department
intends to list one site as a
UNESCO World Heritage site
every two years. The first site to
be listed is the world famous
Okavango Delta.
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