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How many numbers can a person remember?

Science Fair

Nina Seneff

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of How many numbers can a person remember?

How many numbers can you remember? Hypothesis A person can remember 6-7 numbers Short-term Memory is stored
in the Prefrontal Lobe Bible Verse
Deuteronomy 32: 6 reads“I said I would scatter them and erase their name from human memory” Scientists estimate the capacity of short-term memory is lower, typically of the order of 4–5 items. This method of remembering telephone numbers is far more effective than attempting to remember a string of 10 digits; this is because we are able to chunk the information into meaningful groups of numbers. Materials
3 men
3 women
Number Sequence
Quiet Room Number Sequence given to each person
3598746105 By: Nina Seneff Procedures
Step 1: Numbers that will be said to the person
Step 2: Find 6 adults to interview
Step 3: Quiet, Read instructions out loud to each subject, see if they have any questions, 20 seconds, show them the numbers, wait 45 seconds
Step 4: Wait 15 seconds, have them write it down
Step 5: Make an average and compare
Step 6: Record Data on Bar Graph Graph Data Table My experiment was successful and the hypothesis was proven wrong. The average number a person can remember is 8-9 numbers. The way that the subjects memorized the numbers were very different. As an example Subject 1 sang the numbers while Subject 5 clumped the numbers together like a telephone number. There methods were successful. Results Discussion The problems during this experiment were that some of the subjects were not cooperating and it was hard to keep them focused on the numbers. Choosing different subjects could have helped this issue. It was also an issue for the subjects to read the actual numbers. Most of the subjects had trouble due to the fact that they were outside and there was noise. Although the subjects were distracted a little bit the experiment still was pulled off. Acknowledgments I would like to thank Mrs. Roberts for helping with the technology. Thank you Mr and Mrs. Seneff for helping get the supplies and help choose the project. Thank you Mr. Seyler for answering questions about the project. Abstract The purpose of this project is to obtain the knowledge of how many numbers the subjects can remember. Ten numbers were given to three men and three women to memorize and see how many numbers they can remember. This project will test the subjects short term memory. The test obtained that the subject can remember eight to nine. In this project the objective was to understand how many numbers a person can remember which was met. This verse applies how to remember who God is and remember what good and evil is. We have the ability to recall things of the past and be able to relate to things in the future using memory. God made us like this to be able to keep things with us throughout our life. Memory is what lets you remember who you are and what you stand for. Conclusion If the subject remembers the amount of numbers, then the subject should memorize 6-7 numbers. The experiment tested the memory of 6 adults. The subject remembered an average of 8-9 numbers. This experiment was fascinating and exciting to watch progress. God created us to recall certain things in order to help us along the way. Without memory we would not be able to recall peoples name, remember our own addresses, remember who we are and what we stand for. woman average- 8 numbers men average- 9 numbers Log Book Entry
8/21/12- Found my project- How many numbers can a person remember
9/6/12- Researched Project
9/11/12- Started to talk about Research in school
9/22/12- Found 3 men and 3 women to test on
10/ 4/12- Started writing Research Paper
10/ 9/12- Conducted Experiment
10/21/12- Did Results and found an average
11/ 15/12 Research Paper due
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