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Iqbal Final Assessment

Language Arts

Jennifer T

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Iqbal Final Assessment

Iqbal Final Assessment
Unit Question
How are Newton's Laws and the physics of flight a metaphor for one's ability to effect change in global issues?
Newton's First Law
An object in motion stays in motion, and an object at rest, stays at rest.
Newton's Second Law
Newton's second law states, the greater the mass of an object, the greater the force needed.
Newton's Third Law
Newton's third law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Freedom for the child laborers is like a kite. Kites fly free in the sky unless stopped by an unbalanced force. The masters are the unbalanced force in child labor. When a world issue is in motion, like child labor, it will continue to stay in motion until stopped by a force.
If no force is willing to step up and stop child labor, it will continue on forever. When child labor is stopped, all children can remain at rest.
Since a lot of people in the world are using child labor, such as Nike, a bigger force is needed to end it.
For example, when Iqbal escaped, more force was needed to
keep him from stopping Hussain Khan. If we want to stop child labor, we need to work together as one to create a
big enough force.
When Iqbal escaped to find help. He was put into the tomb. Since Hussain Khan used child labor, he was thrown into jail. There is always an equal and opposite reaction. They can be good or bad. If you pull on a kite's string, it affects how the kite flies. Every time a
global issue occurs in the world, the
reaction could be good for some while
bad for others.
Child labor is a world issue where children are forced to work for a wealthy business. They work as slaves and are separated from their loving families. Children have to work for long, harsh hours all day and aren't treated well either. They don't get enough to eat and don't have very good living conditions. Child labor has many negative impacts such as no education, no future, and injuries as well. Child labor is still going on in the world and hasn't been stopped since nobody has made a big enough attempt yet.
Child Labor
Metaphor for Physics of Flight and Newton's Laws
Child labor is a world issue where children are forced to work for a wealthy business. There are 215 million children who are in child labor. We can stop child labor if everyone in the world works together. Children will stay in motion until an unbalanced force steps in. All we have to do is inform more people about child labor. Many companies such as Nike use child labor. Once companies start losing profit, they'll stop using child labor. It may not end all the child labor in the world yet, but we can build off of it. Children deserve to enjoy their childhood. They shouldn't be scarred for life.

A kite that is flying in the air, and is in motion, will stay in motion, unless acted on by an outside force.
The more mass a kite has, the more wind is needed to keep the kite in motion.
The more wind that occurs will cause the kite to stay in motion longer since every action has an opposite and equal reaction.

They won't have hope
for a successful future. The world can
survive without child labor. Freedom
belongs to everyone.They work for more hours than adults and are even paid less. Sometimes, these children aren't treated for their wounds. They even get punished for getting blood all over their work. It forces them to pay off their "debt." Kids can work forever and never pay off their debt. They cannot go to school and learn about things other kids get to.
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