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Nuclear Energy

No description

Trevor Hartwig

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy History 1895 radiation was first discovered
1939 nuclear fission was discovered by a group of scientist Nuclear fission is the building block of Nuclear energy In 1940 another group of scientist discovered that nuclear fission created a chain reaction This discover lead to the development of the Atomic bomb 1951 the first nuclear reactor was built 1956 the invention of the nuclear power plant is created Scientific Achievement Uses Harsh Substance Scientific achievement Scientist are interested in atoms The discover of nuclear fission was one of the greatest discoveries of the time Knowledge on nuclear fission helped create the atom bomb, the most destructive human made object in the world. Uses 15% of the worlds energyis nuclear energy 15% raise in nuclear energy 430 nuclear power plants worldwide Harsh Substance humans have now controlled a harsh substance
radiation can kill a human Atomic Bomb used to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II Considered the deadlest weapon in the world Chernobyl In the Ukraine 1986 nuclear power plant explosion 2 people were killed the day of the accident 3 months later 30 operators and 3 firemen died of radiation
237 people were diagnosed with acute radiation syndrome or ARS
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