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Taylor Swift

No description

Catherine Idahosa

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Taylor Swift

December 13,1989(age 25 years)
What she likes and dislikes
Dad;Scott Kingsley Swift
Taylor Swift
Name of parents,brothers sisters
Mom;Andrea Finlay Swift
Brother;Austin Swift
Driving fast
The smell of paint
Untied shoes
TvShows;Grey Anatomy
Animal;Kola Bear
Books;Jason steedy The hunger games
where was she born
Pennsylavina,United States
Taylor swift moved to nashville tennessee
at the age of fourteen to pursue a career
in country music.
when taylor swift died
She is still alive
where she went to school
Aaron Academy,Hendersonville high school,The wyndcroft school, West Reading el center,Wyomissing Aera juinor/senior high school.
She does not have a husband
Taylor swift wanted to be a nurse
Taylor swift graduated in 2008
Well singing and when she was little her dad
owend a christmas tree farm and taylor swift picked
the bugs off the tree.
What kind of jobs did she work at
what level of education did she finish or are they still in
What did she wanted to be when she was older
or kids.
Name of husband and childern they
Does she have any children
IF she does how many does
she have
she does not have any childern
IS taylor swift married
now.or have they ever been
Taylor swift is not married.
Where does she live
where does she live now
what are they famous for now
Taylor swift made a school project video it started making it's round on the internet.
how long have she been famous for
She beacame famous 2006 when she put her first
single tim mc graw
NAme some of the songs,sports,events,charites and
other events she is famous for or that they hlep with now
Acm lifting lives
Childeren in need
Clothes off our back
Donate my dress.org
Do something.org
Entertainment induristy foudtion
Feeding America
FHI 360
Grammy Foudation
Habitit for humanity
Hands on Nashville
Everything has changed
Tim mc graw
Eyes open
Highway don't care
Twenty two
White horse
Today was a fairytale
Two is better the one
Back to december
how does she help people in need
Taylor swift donated $ 500,000 to flood relief calling into a star.star studded telethon thursday on local nbc affilate station that rasied more than $ 1.7 millon.
Other interesting facts about taylor swift that you dont know
In 2012 she voice acted the charater of adurey in the lorax.
Her family owend a shetland pony and quarter horse and she learend english riding as a kid even competed in horse shows.
She has a younger brother austin swift.
She has 7 grammy awards 11 american music awards and 6 country music association awards.
Taylor swift mom wanted to name her taylor because if you saw her name on a business card you wouldn't if it was a boy girl.
Swift enjoyed both readingand writhing and was particualry draw to the works of shel sliverstien and dr seuss when she was growing up.
When it comes to fashion swift favours retro style and it has been said that she has a look of a nineteen thirties movie siren red lipstick thick mascara.
I don't know how often Taylor Swift travels.
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