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Psychology- TEACUP

No description

Jessica Kuo

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of Psychology- TEACUP

Cup Citation:

Is it possible to set up an experimental study to test the theory?
Yes, it’s definitely possible to set up experiment, even though it might not be perfect, but you can see a thread when compared with other experiments.

Empirical evidence
Is there research to support the theory? Is there research that contradicts or challenges the theory?
Bartlett (1932), Bransford (1972), Anderson (1978), Brewer (1981)all support the theory.
Maybe (?), but we haven’t learned any research that contradicts the theory.

Can the theory be used to explain or change behavior?
Yes, when we have schema for something, we would have expectation, therefore change the behavior towards something.

Construct Validity
Are the concepts that make up the theory well defined? Are they observable and measurable?
Yes, the concepts are well defined, they are observable and measurable by experiment like Anderson (1978).

Is the research ethnocentric (focused on an ethnicity)? Androcentric (focused on men)? Is the research on which the theory is based representative of a global population?
I think most of the experiment are biased. For example, the participants for Bartlett’s experiment is all British. At this point, it can’t represent a global population, because obviously there are many other ethnicity in the world. But the point of Bartlett’s experiment is that social and cultural factors can affect schema, which means he can’t find native American to hear the “War of Ghost.” So is this experiment biased? It’s hard to tell.
Does the theory let us predict behavior? Can we use it to predict trends in behavior or can we use it to predict an individual’s behavior?
Yes, for example script can help us know what is the process of some events, social script make prediction for us for what to expect.

Predictive validity
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