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Sightsavers recruitment task

No description

Naomi Jacobs

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Sightsavers recruitment task

Every time 5 year old Fode wipes
away the tears from his painful,
weeping eyes, he spreads more

Fode has Trachoma. A highly
contagious illness which causes
the eyelashes to turn inward making
every blink feel like an agonising,
scrape against the eye.

35p is the cost of a tablet that can
stop the illness.

For 35p you can stop Fode's tears.


Concept 2
The landing page
Concept 1
The landing page
Glades urgently needs your help

Trachoma is an agonising disease that causes blindness. Give today to stop the needless suffering for Glades and the people in her village.

Help Glades now
Did you know?

35p will pay for a tablet that prevents Trachoma.

£8 will pay for an operation that
treats advanced Trachoma.

Trachoma no longer exists in the UK. It was eradicated along with Polio and Smallpox.
Read Glades' story
The brief
Using the Direct Mail pack provided create social media, email and web content to drive existing and new supporters to the relevant part of the website and ensure that these people donate.
The Twitter campaign
Help save the sight of people like Glades
Glades spent years in agony from a highly infectious eye disease called Trachoma. The illness causes your eyelashes to turn inwards making every blink feel like the scrape of a razor.

In the rural village of Kasuleta in Uganda, adults and children are needlessly going blind from this disease. A tablet that prevents Trachoma costs 35p.

Give today, and save the sight of hundreds of people like Glades.
After the pain of her Trachoma became so severe, Glades pulled out her own eyelashes. This caused her condition to worsen and with every blink her eye would tear.
A 20-minute operation ended years of suffering for Glades. The operation cost £8. How much is your sight worth? Donate today and you can save the sight of someone like Glades.
80% of blindness can be
prevented or cured
Inner content page
The Facebook campaign
Life of
The donation page
You can stop the
tears now
Pays for one
Pays for an
adult cataract
These Sightsavers rings will sit like
teardrops on the page, each with a donation amount. When you hover over a droplet, it will reveal what that amount will pay for. Clicking will take you to the payment. Alternatively, you can click on the 'donate' button.
Thank you
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