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Sarah barr

on 22 March 2010

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Transcript of England

England Goverment facts Parliamentary Government
(house of commons) elected people
and also called the house of Lords.
The people that are elected.the people
of parliamentary are mp (member's of
parliamentary) the leader is the is
Prime Minster. They also have a Queen
is a figure head and just hands out

Famous Landforms 1.The cheviot hills (hills between England
and Scotland.)
2.The pennines (lime stone hills) they silp
thought Northern England sometimes called the
backbone England.
3.Cumbrian Mountain
4.Sailsbury plain (in the center of England.)
5.The seven sisters (a chalk hill.)

Climate Regions 1.warm air comes from the south
because the of the stream
2.cold air the North
3.Eastren area are dryer, cooler,
less windy.
4.Westren are milder, wetter, winder.
Great Brittan Athletes 1.Ben Ainslie ( gold medalist in 2008)
2.heavy weight dinging
3.Jayen Toupvill (gold medalist ice skater in 1984)
4.John Osdorn ( gold medalist in tornado 1976.) Famous Britsh Athletes 1.David Bekcum (soccer)
2.Nigle Mansel (race car driver)
3.Jackie Stewart (race car driver)
4.Tony Jacklin (golf) 1.sandwichs
2.fish and chips
3.toad in the hole (sausage baked in batter
4.blood pudding (died pig blood)
5.yorkshire pudding
6.rosat beef
7.cottage pie (meat and sausage covered with mash
potatoes bangers.)
Food and Drinks 1.mead (wine made from honey)
2.port ( heavy thick wine)
4.pimm's (summer made with liqueur and fruit
extract it was invented in 1840.
6.dandelions and burlock (roots and bridoc leaves
7.ginger beer (like root beer it is kid drink too.)
This is Sandwich Fish and Chips Toad in a Hole Blood Pudding Yorkshire Pudding Roast Beef Mead Ginger Beer Cider Popultion is 61 Million The End
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