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The Evolution Of Softball Bats

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kaylah keener

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of The Evolution Of Softball Bats

The Evolution Of Softball Bats
Wooden Bats
In 1887, George Hancock, a reporter for Chicago Board of Trade, invented softball. He invented the game as a form of indoor baseball on a cold winter day inside the warm Farragut Boat Club. Someone found a boxing glove and threw it and someone hit it with a stick. This is credited as the first softball game which was played on November 24, 1887 on Thanksgiving Day November 24, 1887 after a Harvard-Yale football game. The first ever recorded bat was a broken broom stick.
Who Invented Softball
Aluminum Bats
Titanium Bats
In 1993 Softball players found the titanium bats preferable to aluminum because they were strong.The extra speed and distance changed the way softball, especially slow-pitch, had to be played. In 1993 Easton introduced a ST11 Titanium Typhoon. In 1990s producers were looking for ways to create a thinner bat that did not bend. Titanium overcame this problem as it was much more durable than aluminum. But unfortunately with battered ball speed reaching over 160 k/h, these bats were found too dangerous to be played and were quickly banned by almost every softball association and league.
Velocit-E Ulatar Bat
Since 2011-2013 softball bats have changed from one to another either from wood to aluminum and metal they are all the same but have different textures and make the ball go at a good speed.
In 1970 aluminum bats were introduced. Easton made the first aluminum bat. Most of the players like the aluminum bats better because the ball came off faster than off of the wooden bats and because the bat was complete made out of aluminum. Easton and other bat manufacturers continue to make aluminum bats for both fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball players.
In 2002 Miken introduced the Velocit-E Ultar. The fantastic performance of the bat got it banned almost right away. Concerned that this was where the composite bat technology was heading some places considered banning composite bats altogether. However all major associations now allow composite bats but have many rules and regulations on either batted ball speed or bat performance factor.
Bats Now

In 1884 wooden bats were the only bats available for softball players. They were usually made of ash or maple. These bats are rarely used today in softball but still may be be used today.

By: Kaylah Keener
1: Who invited softbsll ?
2: When were aluminum bats introduced ?
3: why were titanium bats banned in 1993 ?
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