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Management Case Study Presentation

Chamber of Commerce

Kinsey Russell

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Management Case Study Presentation

Commerce Lindsey Young Kinsey Russell Megan Hart CoC History The Decade Long Battle CoC has been in contact with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

10 years

Discussion involves the following topics:

-climate change
-environmental regulations
-financial effects of the environmental policies

Conversation has become threatening
The sparks that Lit the Fire EPA's Legal Authority

-"To implement an environmental justice
program that transcends the specific
statutes under which the agency operates. The Clinton Administration promoted the EPA Bush Administration did not agree EPA's Small Business Compliance Policy -May 2000
-Inspections and Penalties A Few of the Issues CoC and the NCLC have written letters to the courts Letters have urged EPA to prove harmful effects of greenhouse gas emissions CoC believes the EPA has overstepped its boundaries The Aggression Grows EPA's Draft Toolkit Founded on April 12, 1912

World's largest not-for-profit lobbying group

Known for spending more money than any other lobbying organization per year

More than 90 years later, the US COC is the world's largest business federation Mission Statement "To advance human progress
through an economic, political
and social system based on individual
freedom, incentive, initiative,
opportunity and responsibility"

Motto: "Fight for your Business" President & CEO:
Thomas J. Donohue President & CEO:

-American Trucking Association
-National Organization of the Trucking Industry

Resident of the Center for International Private Enterprise

-Program of the National Endowment Democracy
-Dedicated to the development of market-oriented
institutions worldwide Donohue and the Chamber Has held the position since 1997

A "lobbying and political powerhouse"

Aggressively advanced a competitive agenda

-Doubled US exports in 5 years
-Membership has increased 15 times
-Made the trade association the largest
advocacy group in the nation

Controversial because of positions on boards of
companies the CoC represents; aggressive on behalf
of clients PR Standpoint Donohue: "Members come and go all the damn time" Board of Directors Composed of 100+ senior executives

-Alcoa, Dow Chemical, Charles Schwab, AT&T

96% of members are small businesses

Claims a membership of more than 300,000 businesses

-3,000 state and local chamber

-830 related associations; 90+ American CoCs abroad

Yes Men activist; fake press conference (2009)

-Fake handouts on Chamber letterhead, phony
reporters, podium

-Announced reverse in the CoC's position on
climate change policy and Kerry-Boxer Bill
Members Leave in 2009 PG&E is "dismayed that the CoC has neglected experts data on Global Warming"

PNM are shocked that the CoC does not recognize climate change as a pressing environmental issue

Apple disagrees with CoC

-more committed to the environment
and community
-Green Peace criticizes and
climate counts

CoC has been transparent

They are fighting on behalf of its members to protect and create jobs while saving them money

However, the way the have rallied against the EPA has not been the most beneficial strategy for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The CoC could have addressed its members views and concerns before it created controversy with the EPA and many other organizations.

Our PR Standpoint Members Defend Staying PNC has its own environmentally-friendly identity

American Electric Power does not depend on CoC to represent its views

Toyota has not waited for government regulation to address Global Warming

Nike resigns from Board but continued membership
Double Standards CoC members and U.S. Climate Action Partnership

National Association of Manufacturers

Conflicting views

Members are unaware of these organizations views

Duke Energy (Apr. 2010)- ceo Jim Rogers and Siemens USA's George Nolen have left the board

-stated in October that they thought
that the Chamber would be open to
evolving thinking but have changed
their minds
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