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Global Issues

No description

Sharna Kerr

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of Global Issues

What do you
global issues are?

you about global issues?

How can you
global issues?
What are the key questions we must ask ourselves about global issues?
are the major issues
confronting humanity

are these issues
being addressed

ecologically sustainable development
World Population Growth
At the beginning of the twentieth century there were
1.6 billion peopl
e on earth.
Today, world population is estimated to be
over 7 billion
Many of the
facing humanity are
directly related to the surge in world population
Global Issues: An Overview
You are now to learn about some of the key issues confronting humanity.

In your exercise books -

Task 1:
Using the overview of the issues in Unit 16.1 rank the issues in order of what you think is important to improve first through to last. Have a discussion with the person next to you about why you ranked them in this way.

Task 2:
Write a glossary of the
terms from the pages above

Task 3:
Collage of an issue - create a picture collage of one the issues that will be put on the classroom wall.
Global Issues
Headline Game
In pairs, have a look at the issues outlined in Unit 16.1 in your Textbook and create a
for one of these global issues.
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