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No description

Brian Greaves

on 24 August 2016

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Transcript of Syllabus

Welcome! Please pick up a syllabus and a note card from the front table (close to the door) and sit where you would like (for now!)
Mr. Greaves
8th Grade ELA
Room E16
2 Truths and a Lie!
I'll give you the answer.
You guess the question:
Expectations and Procedures!
Be on time
Be prepared
Be respectful
3 Main Expectations
Tomatoes & Onions
Horned Frogs
New York City
As Willy Wonka and Batman suggested, please enter the classroom respectfully.

Once you enter, please stay in the classroom. Leaving will result in loss of a bathroom pass, so please do what you need to do before you come to class.
Entering Our Classroom:
Learn from Bad Luck Brian's mistake. Your first AND last name must be at the top of everything you turn in.
Paper Heading:
Make Kevin Durant proud. All work that you missed can be found in the absent bins on the back table.

If you missed a quiz or test, please schedule a time with me to take the quiz or test.

And please don't ask if you missed anything important. EVERYTHING we do is important :)
When Absent...
Please turn in your late/missing work, even if it is REALLY late.

One day past due = 85 maximum
Two days past due = 70 maximum
Three or more days past due = 55

I will not take work that was due in previous six weeks.
Make-Up Work/Late Work:
Take it from this baby. If you score below a 70 on any major assignment or test, you will be allowed to retake or correct it to earn a 70.

All corrections must be completed before the end of the six-weeks.
Don't make Captain Picard angry. Don't cheat!

If caught, you are subject to disciplinary action or you may be given a zero for the assignment.
As Jesus told you, you will be given two bathroom passes at the beginning of each six-weeks.

If you have any passes left at the end of the six-weeks, you will earn bonus points on a quiz grade.

If you use both passes, you will not be allowed to leave until the next six-weeks, so use them wisely!
Restroom Use:
Now for your first ever exit ticket!
1) I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii

2) When I was 2, I was run over by a lawnmower.

3) My favorite drink is Diet Coke.
And many more specific expectations...
3 Universal
Hand Signals!
Used by me to get your attention or when it is too loud. When I do it, you do it!
Used by you to remind those around you to be respectful and follow rules.

You may even be rewarded handsomely for helping me with this.
Used by you or me in response to somebody being put down.

Saying that you think Michael Jordan is better than LeBron James does not count as a foul. Actually hurting somebody's feelings does (Like calling their clothes "ratchet")

The person who was disrespectful must then give two compliments to the person that was disrespected.
On the lined side of a note card, tell me something about yourself that you want me to know (don't say nothing).

On the blank side of the note card, write a question for me that you want me to answer. I will answer your questions throughout the week to the whole class, but I will not identify who wrote the question.
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