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A Breakthrough Multitouch Interface Created By Jeff Han

Jeff Han demonstrates his breakthrough touchscreen device for TED.

Steven Grousnick

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of A Breakthrough Multitouch Interface Created By Jeff Han

Double click anywhere & add an idea Common touch screen interfaces only allow users a single point of contact at a time Reprojected drafting table
equipped with multitouch sensor
technology and pressure sensitivity
Goals: high resolution, low cost,
and very scalable When using his applications,
Mr. Han focused on having
a regular interface disappear
Lava application shows
interface versatility Multitouch=multiusers Mr. Han bases his "earth"
application off of Google Earth
Photo album application allows
for maximum customizing ability Keyboard is sizeable, supports
that machines should conform to us Earth application utilizes NASA's
data set and allows 3D viewing of maps (i.e. Bird's Eye View) JEFF HAN DEMOS HIS BREAKTHROUGH TOUCHSCREEN And Now What?
Machines Conform To Us Keyboard is moveable
about the interface Application Details
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