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Intro for The Tempest

No description

Sarah Weisner

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Intro for The Tempest

William Shakespeare What do these words mean to you? In a nutshell Setting Characters How does the plot unfold to develop characters and theme in The Tempest? Written between 1610 and 1611, The Tempest is William Shakespeare's final play. In it, Shakespeare portrays an aging magician, Prospero, who has been living in exile with his young daughter on a remote island for the past twelve years. Over the course of a single day, Prospero uses his magic to whip up a tempest to shipwreck the men responsible for his banishment. He then proceeds to dazzle and dismay the survivors (and the audience) with his art as he orchestrates his triumphant return home where he plans to retire in peace. This play takes place entirely on an island (and the water surrounding it). The island is completely removed from any kind of civilization. Prospero Unit Focus The Tempest sorcery passion stupidity treachery revenge tempest What prediction can you make based on your understanding and our discussion of those words? Why might this be important in the development of the story? Caliban Miranda Gonzalo Ariel King Alonso Prince Ferdinand Sebastian & Antonio How do particular scenes fit into the overall structure and contribute to the development of the theme, characters, and plot? How do the various formats and interpretations affect your understanding of the play?
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