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What Teachers Can't Do

by: Douglas Wood

Ashley Martin

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of What Teachers Can't Do

There are lots of things that regular people can do, but teachers can't. Teachers can't ride skateboards or scooters to school. They can never be tardy. Teachers can't buy their own apples. And they can't teach without flowers on their desk. Teachers can spell Mississippi and encyclopedia. But they can't spell CAT. They can never quite remember what 2+2 is, either. They can't write on the chalkboard without squeaking. They can't sit in the little chairs, even for storytime. They can't use the hall pass to go to the bathroom. Teachers can't cut to the front of the line. Well... okay. But they aren't allowed to trade desserts. Teachers may not finger paint in their good clothes! And they can't see out the backs of their heads. Do you think? Teaches can't go down the tube slide at recess... They can twirl but can't jump. Teachers can't cry if they skin their knees. Can they? Sometimes teachers forget... no snoring during quiet time. Teachers can't feen the salamander or the guinea pig by themselves. And sometimes they need help finding them! Teachers can never run out of smiles. Or smiley faces! Teachers can't wait to come back to school tomorrow. But first they really need some help cleaning the blackboard. And the erasers! No one knows why there are so many things teachers can't do. Maybe because they are so busy doing the thing they do best of all. Teaching YOU! But they can't spell CAT. even for story time. Well... Okay. Do you think? Can they? Or smiley faces!
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