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Gender and Sexuality

Lesson 22

Jason Whetten

on 5 December 2016

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Transcript of Gender and Sexuality

Negative Impacts?
Image used without permission from wallup.com
Gender and Sexuality
Jason Whetten
At what point in
prenatal development is the sex of the baby determined?
X and Y

Primary Sex Characteristics
Secondary Sex Characteristics
Reproductive Organs
Men: Facial hair, Deep Voice
Women: Breasts, Wider Hips
in Sexual Development
David Reimer
1 in 2000 births have visibly atypical genitalia
What would do?
"Make babies &
Keep them alive"
What does the world look like for a male if this is his goal?
What does the world look like for a female if this is her goal?
How does this affect dating?
What are men looking for in a partner?
What are women looking for in a partner?
Examples in:
Family Life
The Workplace
Gender Scripts
Where else do we see these?
Socialization of Children
TV Shows
Gender Roles
in TV
Bechdel Test
1. There are 2 women with names
2. These 2 women speak to each other
3. They talk about something other than a man
Movies that
o The Social Network
o Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2
o Avatar
o Original Star Wars Trilogy
o All of Lord of the Rings
o Run Lola Run
o Identity Thief
o 21 & over
o Now you See me
o The Purge
o This is the End
o Star Trek into the Darkness
o Jack the Giant Killer
o The Lone Ranger
o Monsters University
o The Avengers
o The Croods
o Grown ups 2
o Warm Bodies
o Captain America

Only 65% of movies in 2015 met this criteria
In 2014, 12% of protagonists were female
30% of speaking roles were female
In 2012 1/3 women with speaking roles wore sexually revealing clothing
Background males and females
Hyper-Feminine & Hyper-Masculine
If Barbie were an actual woman, she would be 5'9" tall, have a 39" bust, an 18" waist, 33" hips and a size 3 shoe
A Look at Comic Characters
A Look at Toys
Examples of
Teen Pregnancy
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Gay Parenting
Sexual Response Cycle
TEEN Pregnancy
Nature or Nurture?
Heterosexual Privilege
PORN: The New Drug
Dopamine, Oxytocin and Serotonin
Ritualistic, addiction behaviors

Sexual crime correlations
Makes sex less satisfying
Less sexual arousal
1.1 Million New Cases in 2014
Brain Structure Difference
"How a gene is expressed"
I can, if I wish, legally marry my life partner.
I can, if I wish, have public recognition and support for my intimate relationship.
I have and can receive cards or phone calls celebrating my commitment to another person.
I can, if I wish, kiss my partner and show affection on the street without being conscious of what others may think or do to us.
I can, if I wish, easily talk about my relationship with anyone.
I don’t have others or myself question my normalcy.
I can, if I wish, show pain and get support when a relationship ends.
I can, if I wish, have children without any questions.
I can, if I wish, be open, without hesitation, about apartment or house hunting with my significant other.
I can, if I wish, choose not to do something if it means others may think it makes me gay or lesbian.
I am validated by my religion.
I am socially accepted by my neighbors without question.
I have accepted paid leave from my employment when my partner was sick or in need of my assistance.
I am comfortable and accepted in my children’s school, with my children’s teachers and school activities.
I can, if I wish, dress however I want without worrying about what it represents.
I can, if I wish, have in-laws.
Under probate law, I can, if I wish, inherit from my partner/lover/companion.
I can share health, auto and homeowner’s insurance policies at reduced rates.
I can and have dated the person I desired in my teenage years.
I don’t have to lie about my social activities.
I can, if I wish, work without being identified by my sexuality and culture
My sexual orientation is represented in the media and I don’t feel excluded.
I can, if I wish, share holidays with my lover and families without question or rejection.
I don’t have to explain or justify my sexual orientation.
I don’t have to be nervous about talking to my family and friends about my sexual orientation.
I don’t feel compelled to disprove myths of my own heterosexuality.
I don’t have to fear that my sexuality may become a major point in a smear campaign that may affect the custody of my child, the job I want, the house I want to buy, the way I am treated by my neighbors and family.
I automatically have custody of my own children if my partner dies.
I can, if I wish, easily visit my partner/spouse in the case of hospitalization without lying or without question.
I am accepted by society as a heterosexual person, not just tolerated.

1. NOT more likely to have gay children
2. NOT more likely to have an abusive home
3. NO difference in gender identity/perception
4. NO difference in gender role behavior
5. Two MILLION LGB couples have expressed interest in adoption
6. Children of gay parents are more tolerant and compassionate
1. Difference in Sex and Gender
2. Misconceptions of Gender and Roles
3. Socialization of Gender
4. Diversity of Sexuality
5. Biology of Homosexuality
6. Dangers of Pornography
What would it look like if genders were switched?
Learning Goals:
Understand the difference between sex and gender
Consider options for intersex babies
Classify primary and secondary sex characteristics
Evaluate the evolutionary theory of gender roles
Appraise the continuum model of gender
Explore socialization of children and adults in regards to gender expectation and role
Discuss how gender impacts the workplace
Display myths about differences between males and females

in women and
gay men
So how do we
learn these?!
Nature or Nurture?
Kim Petras
At what age should children be able to choose to have a sex change?
Intersex Society of North America Reccomendations:
Gender Neutral Parenting?
What about oral sex?
2.2% Identify as Gay, 1.1% Identify as Lesbian
How Prevelant is Homosexuality in America?
_____ of Americans Identify as Gay or Lesbian
A. 1-2%
B. 3-5%
C. 5-10%
D. 10-15%
Problems with Gay Parenting Research
- S.E.S.
- Biological/Adopted
- Sample Size
disorder when there is a pathological assignment of sexual fixation, fantasies or behaviors toward an inanimate object -- frequently an item of clothing -- such as underclothing or a high-heeled shoe -- or to nongenital body parts -- such as the foot.
Where do these come from?
How Concerned should be be?
A. Not at all
B. Only about some ads
C. Generally concerned
D. Very Concerned
Sending and receiving sexually explicit messages via mobile phone
Who is doing it?
Use of Emojis
Media Claim
Actual Research
Gender Dysphoria
NOT the same as transgendered!
Transgender -
When an individual's gender identity doesn't match the person's biological sex
Feeling of being stuck living in a body that doesn't match your gender identity that causes DISTRESS AND DYSFUNCTION
Conversion Therapy
Where does gender come from?
Social Role Theory
Psychoanalytic Theory
Social Cognitive Theory
Schema Theory
contrasting roles in society
phallic stage of development
learned through observation
mental framework
How do parents treat boys and girls differently?
Let's look at toys!

Gender at Work
Glass Ceiling
79%/ 84%
70% of men in a recent survey said that women should downplay their personality at work
58% of women agreed.
So... What ARE the differences between men and women?
46 meta-analyses that were conducted during the last two decades of the 20th century underscores that men and women are basically alike in terms of personality, cognitive ability and leadership
Only a few main differences appeared: Compared with women, men could throw farther, were more physically aggressive, masturbated more, and held more positive attitudes about sex in uncommitted relationships
Brain Differences
The tendency to value harmony over rationale is called...
The idea that self-control is a limited resource is called...
Which study..
power of roles and situations
Phil notices some litter on the ground, but decides not to pick it up because there are a lot of students around and surely someone else closer to the trash can will take care of it.
A. Social Loafing
B. Bystander Effect
C. Fundamental Attribution Error
D. Cognitive Dissonance
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