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Afghanistan To Canada

No description

ayyan mir

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Afghanistan To Canada

Afghanistan To Canada
They are multiple reasons why i am leaving Afghanistan, one being a job, in Toronto they are much more job opurtunties then there is in Kabul. School in canada is free until College/university, which will help me save money.Safety in canada we dont have to troops coming into my house. Or taliban, there has been war in afganistan for the past decade, and leaving i can be sure about the safety about all my family. The us has invaded afganistan many times almost 11 attacks in 2001.My kids will have a better future and there kids will too. It will help me not worry about anyone dying.
Why I Left
I chose canada for multiple reasons such as safety, There are on going wars. Health care is free first of all secondly its better. Jobs in toronto pay more. Brighter future.I could things in Toronto freely that i couldnt in Kabul. Also no worries about obduction and taliban.
Why Canada
I left from the Kabul International Airport
I came into Toronto Pearson Airport
17 hour flight
Eggs and hasbrown with bread for breakfast
Lunch Sandwich
Dinner kabuli palaw and chicken
Im excited to live in Canada, see my new job and different people. A bigger house. My kids reaction to somewhere other then Afghanistan.It was my first time on a plane so i sat on the window seat. Everyone on the plane were nice and friendly.They were no crying babies on the plane which was also really good.The view was really nice the whole flight. Im 50/50 leaving afghanistan yes its better for me but ill still miss it
Travel Journal
Languages french , english
population is 35.16 million
currency is CAD
School is free upto college/university
42,610 dollars (2013)
the average female lives 80.6 years
The average male lives 79.6 years
unemployement rate = 7.1
Canada you could say has really cold winters with lots of snow and hot summers
Stats Canada
Stats Afghanistan
Pashto and Dari
30 million population
Currency Afghan afghani
life expectancy is 60.51 years
Capital Kabul
unemployment rate is 9.2
18.01 deaths per 1000
National sport is Buzkashi
average 20 degress
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