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Arthropod Project

No description

urban ecology

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Arthropod Project

Prospect Park Zoo Arthropod Project
Arthropods are Crabs,Lobsters,Centipedes,Millipedes or any joint - footed animal.
What is an Arthropod?
Our results show that throughout the entire zoo the most arthropod richness was mainly inside of forest compared to the meadow. These are both micro-habitats within the entire zoo
The result of our project
How did we set up pitfall traps?
First, we set up our 20 pit fall traps. We did this by randomly tossing them in certain areas to avoid bias
Design of this project
We waited for a week before we could collect the arthropods that got trapped. We then reset the pitfall traps and collected the second sample the following week.
Arthropod samples
Abundance within the zoo
Our locations were spread out around the zoo in this order, Zoo, Meadow, and Forest
Identifying the species
1.Yes, localities do differ in species richness and abundance.
2. Yes, Localities do differ in species richness and abundance compared to the regional species pool.
Answers to our research questions
Why are Arthropods important?
Where we set up the traps
In order to identify the arthropods we found we had to freeze them for about a week. Once we did that we had to label which specimens came from which area.
Within the zoo we found that consumers made up a large proportion of the entire arthropod community
Then, we placed a cup in side the hole and covered it with a rock.
First, we dug a hole.
But before we get started here are our research questions
1.Do localities differ in species richness & abundance?
2.Are the localities different in species richness and abundance compared to the regional species?
Pollination Food Decomposition
Project done by Alexandra, Solomon, Sarina, Nicolette, Evelyn, Christian.
Then, we placed an ID flag at each sampling site
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