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Our research about the problems with Pakistan

Ryan Riegler

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Pakistan

Health Care
Women's rights
Pakistan has very poor women's rights. They still don't allow a lot of women to participate in the government.

High maternal and infant mortality rates
Women can not vote
flooding has increased since 70s
Past wars and conflicts with India (Indo-Pakistani wars) caused economic problems.
Most honer killings in Islamabad
major flood in 2010
flood in September
Government pays for some of the health care
23.1% of pakistans spending is on military
("Health Care Services and Government
Spending in Pakistan")
Most of Pakistan is farm land and divison of land and flooding hurts families
Southern Pakistan floods alot. Kills crops.
Political corruption. Most government leaders only care about money.
Women don't like the government
("Why Karachi will keep flooding ")
("Why Karachi will keep flooding")
("Why Karachi will keep flooding")
Literate people 2013-2014 in Pakistan: 55%
Terrorist attacks mess up the stock market and sometimes cause it to crash
leaves citizens in poverty
("How Pakistan Fails Its Children")
("Why Karachi will keep flooding")
Lots of honor killings today
People are vulnerable after disasters
("Flood affected need safe water and healthcare, not politics")
Pakistan bad educational system cause- dept payment, poverty, and growing population
Photo Courtesy Of
("Education- The Major Problem In Pakistan")
Pakistan's schools - too expensive for most people to afford, poor people stay uneducated
The quality of education - very poor and teachers not trained well
Schools different in different regions - no uniform school system in Pakistan

Human Developement Report- Pakistan placed at 136th place for having 49.9% of educated people
Pakistan's government has had 8 five year education plans- none successful
2011- Year Of Education For Pakistan
Women are considered less then men
Women are considered less then men

("Pakistan's education crisis")
Photo courtesy of: News Pakistan
("Education: The Major Problem In Pakistan")
Pakistan is a newer country. Gained Independance from Great Britain and India
Photo courtesy of lolitop
("Poverty and Poor Health in Pakistan: Exploring the Effects of Privatizing Healthcare")
No money for health care
("Maternal & Child Health Care Central")
Near Arabian Sea
Government has helped pay for health
("Education- The Major Problem In Pakistan")
("Pakistan Health Care Policies and Developments")
Bombs put out by the road my make people need medical attention
Through Indus river
("Geographical Information System In Pakistan Health And Social Care Essay")
People live to far from hospitals
("World Health Day: In Pakistan, healthcare remains a luxury")
Photo courtesy of:Xcite Fun
The country Pakistan needs work
Photo courtesy of:State Gov
Photo courtesy of:Sacbee
Pakistan flooding costs millions
They have have poor health care
("UN launches 459m Pakistan flood appeal")
Photo courtesy of: BBC News
("Education- The Major Problem In Pakistan")
Photo courtesy of:CS Monitor
Latest news: 126+ dead in school from Taliban riot
From: David Tirak, Megan Moody,
Ryan Reigler,
Chris Stein,
Sarah Pleasant
("History Of Educational Policy Making And Planning In Pakistan")
("Cost of Pakistan Floods")
Women can only participate in certain parts of government
-more than 250 dead
Women are trying to participate in the government
-lack of political will
Courtesy of NewsPakistan
-poor governance
They have seventeen women lawmakers
Pakistan's flooding/climate changes
Women rarely can be in the government
Most women can't vote
(The diseases that some people in Pakistan may have)
(Some of the main city's in Pakistan where some of the hospitals are located)
(Google maps)
(Pakistan has one of the smallest GDP in the world which is more money not spent on health care)
(Picture of a hospital in Pakistan which is old)
(Google images)
Pakistan needs a collective actions to avoid disaster
Political and economic unfairness in health system of Pakistan: a hope with the recent reforms
("The Cost of Pakistan's Floods")
("The Cost of Pakistan's Floods")

Flooding in Pakistan
no clean water, healthcare, and poor livlihood
("Pakistan Needs Political Will in Face of Climate Threats - Experts")

They have a history of poverty
Women are starting to protest
Women have been killed in riots before
They have a high poverty rate
Pakistans womens rights
Pakistans womens rights
Pakistans womens rights
Pakistan women rights
Pakistan honor killing
'Pakistan Economics
Most of Pakistan is farmland
'Pakistan womens rights
("Pakistan's Education Crisis")
Although the number of people below the poverty line is shrinking, poverty is still a major threat and issue in Pakistan
Photo Courtesy Of:
Is 6th most populated country in world
Photo Courtesy Of: IRIN
Courtesy of CNN
Mamnoon Hussain
Current President of Pakistan

schools in bad condition
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