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Yaya Luo

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of IELTS SPEAKING

IELTS Speaking
To self- introduce
To get to know IELTS Speaking
To check students' pronunciation
To check students' grammar
To practice some topics in part one
Teaching contents
Teaching objectives
To get to know Purple and IELTS Speaking
To know your weakness of grammar and Pronunciation.
To master the skills of answering questions in part 1
To get to know IELTS Speaking
Part 1 4-5 mins
Part 2 3-4 mins
Part 3 4-5 mins
Part one

familiar topics
names, hometown, hobbies, sports, music, and films, pets, ect.
Part two Cue card
five topics
events and experience
Part three two-way discussion
topics linked to part two
the topics related to economy, education, society, etc.
time: 11--14 mins
Fluency and coherency
React to the questions in 3-5 seconds
offer your answers in 3-4 sentences
try to use some clauses
use some different sentence structures
give some creative answers
To check your grammar
I very like music.
I love sing
people mountain people sea.
I know a man who in the hill.
I want to go sea with you.
I with my mother goes to shopping.
8 tenses
4 clauses
To check your pronunciation
I knew him very, very, well.
Whether the weather is chilly or whether the weather is hot. We will weather the weather whatever the weather is. We will go there, believe it or not.
Part 1
What is the special meaning of your Chinese name?
Will you change your name in the future?
What kind of names are popular in China now?
My name was given by... who wish me to be ...
...picked my name from a special list. The meaning of my name is . .. I love my name/ I can always feel the affection from my parents/ grandpa
No, I will not. Coz my name is easy to pronounce and remember. I am comfortable with it.
Yes, I may change it in the future, too many people are using the same name , it brings trouble to me some times. Besides, I want a name which is more special.
It depends. Girls are fond of Xuan, Yuan and Jing; While Wei, bin, Shuai and Cong are popular in boys.
In tradition, our Chinese names are usually 3 characters, but nowadays, more and more parents are likely to give their children special names with 4 characters.
What is your major?
Why did you choose this major?
How do you think about the future of your major?
My major is... ( P 69).
I like my major because I thought I could find a great job after my graduation. Besides, my parents would like me to ....
I chose my major because I have interest in ....Whats more, I can get an internship at my father's factory. I really hope I could help my parents earlier.
I suppose my major has a bright future coz it develops fast in this field. Plus, the market demands this kind of talents.
I would say, quite promising, because people are focusing more on health and aging problems and I believe there is a huge development space.
= love
be fond of
appeal to
be interested in
be crazy about
have interest in
=not interested in
my nightmare
be not keen on
be indifferent to..
be reluctant to
= besides,
what's more
in addition
= however,
on the other hand
on the contrary
on contract
Page 42 - 72
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