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The Zipper

No description

Natalie Magdaleno

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of The Zipper

The Zipper
By Natalie and Sydney
The Invention of
The Zipper
The zipper. It's part of our every day life. On our coats, our backpacks, our pants, and many of our other daily essentials. But where did it come from? It couldn't have just appeared, making our lives so, much easier. No, someone, or actually some people, invented it.

The inventor Gideon Sundback made the zipper to simplify binding cloth together and make life easier for everyone.

During our research we found that Gideon Sundback owns the patent of the zipper, though multiple inventors innovated it after. Sundback created it in 1913, a little over 100 years ago.
The zipper started out as a strip with hooks, and a tab that you pulled to fasten them, but the hooks were constantly popping open, which was not acceptable for it's use. Then Gideon Sundback innovated the first zipper, taking out the hooks and replacing them with little teeth. He named it the Hookless Fastener Number 2. It worked, and to this day, we still use the zipper.
If I had the ability to change this product, I would create a model that could not jam, or get stuck.
Improvement for the Zipper
The zipper has impacted society in a positive way by making it easier to bind things together. Without the zipper, time would be wasted using buttons.
The zipper has impacted society in a negative way because it often jams and gets stuck, which is inconvenient because many other products such as jackets and bags rely on zippers.
The Zipper's Positive Effect
The Zipper's Negative Effect
The Zipper and it's Founder
The zipper was unpopular at first. It was first used for woman's fashion, as a replacement for the twenty to thirty buttons a woman would have to do. Then the U.S. Postal Service bought a giant supply of zippers to use for the mail bags the carriers use. They were often jammed though.
In our modern time we use it on almost everything: clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes, and many other products that wouldn't be the same without a zipper.
The Zipper and it's Uses
I think that the area of technology that best classifies the zipper is production.
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