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Sunyi Kamt

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of INTERMEDIATE 6

Look at the following words. Do you know their definitions?

Which words do you think describes a young generation and which words would describe an old generation. Discuss in groups of 4.
look on page 40
Look at the words on activity 1B.
Identify adjectives, verbs and nouns.
After activity 1C:
In your groups write 5 sentences using the following blue words.
1st sentence: visionary/generation
2nd sentence: escapist/issues
3rd sentence: activist/carry on this traditio
4th sentence: motivated/apathetic
5th sentence: be aware of/circumstances
Extra: Discuss in groups.
Look at the following statements made by the old generation about the young generation. Do you agree or disagree?

Remember to use the blue words wheneer possible to give your opinions.
1) The younger generation is a bunch of slackers.
2) They don´t know the meaning of hard work.
3) They don´t know how to think for themselves.
4) Life is easier for them compared to when we were young.
What did you learn?
Please close your books.

Next, we´re going to listen the responsabilities Samir will take while doing his Summer internship.

First of all, what does

Open your books on page 41.
Read the ad and tell:
-Which abilities are necessary to work as an intern for FGI company?
-What do you think the job is about?
Modal and Phrasal Modals
They are verbs and phrases used to guess and speculate the certainty or probability of a situation happening.
If I have time tomorrow, I
bring the cake for the party.

Which modals can we use to talk about:
-giving permission
-lack of necessity
look on page 42
Extra: groups of 4.
-The teacher will give you a modal or phrasal modal.

-Listen and write a sentence of 12 words minimum using the modal.

-Pay attention about the use of the correct tenses.
Activity D (2) Think-Pair-Share
1)Read the question and think in silence about your answer.
2)Look at your partner in front and share your answer in 2 minutes.

3)After you finish, listen to your partner´s answer for 2 minutes.
4)Now look at your partner sitting next to you and report for 2 minutes about the information you heard.

5)When finished, listen to your friend reporting in 2 minutes what he heard.
After activity C:
Look at the following sentences and try to write the questions using modals
-Yes, I´m able to wake up early on my own.
-No, they weren´t able to finish the proyect.
-Yes, We´re permitted to drink water in class.
-The student was allowed to leave class early because he was sick.
-You must stop drinking if you want to be saved.
-I have to bring my receipt when I come to ICPNA.
-No, I didn´t have to wear glasses for my exam.
-Yes, you should wear a jacket.
Extra (2):

Now the teacher will say a sentence and you have to write the sentence with its corresponding question.
If I say:
I think people shouldn´t be able to watch tv after midnight in order to save energy.

Which expressions can you use to show agreement or disagreement?
Look on page 43 and try to find out the relationship between these people.

Which expressions show agreement and disagreement?
Activity D:
-In pairs, write a short dialog about one of the situations.
-Use 4 of the expressions from activity B
to agree or disagree,
Groups of 4: Write a dialog, memorize and perform

-Each person is going to use 2 of the expressions from activity B.

-2 students will agree with the topic, and the other 2 will disagree.

-Select a topic from the following:
a) abortion
b) death penalty
c) legalization of marihuana
Expressions to use for dialog:

-I completely agree...
-You are absolutely right!...
-You may have something there...
-You may be right about...

-I see your point, but...
-I´m not so sure about that...
-I´m not sure I agree with you...
-I know what you mean but...
-That seems a little bit extreme...
-You may be right in part, but...
-I hate to disagree with you, but...
Look at the following ads:
-Do they tell you anything?
-If not, do they send a message?
Get Ready to Read
look on page 45
Which ad makes the biggest impression on you? Why?
Look at each ad.
Read aloud in groups each one of them.
Discuss in your groups:

-In each ad above, what are people encouraged to do or not to do? What is the purpose for each ad?

Which ad would you support? Why?
Look at the following words.
Discuss in groups, what do you think the reading is about?

-culture jammers

Media Foundation
-social change
-raise awareness
-shopping cart
-hacking websites
Look on page 47.
Read in silence.
Then, take turns to read aloud.
Discuss in groups:
What do you think happens at ea
of the following events?

inish activities B and C.

Then read each paragraph in silence for comprehension check. You´ll have 60-90 seconds per paragraph to read and ex´lain in your own words.
On a piece of paper answer the following questions:

1)What incident changed Lasn´s life while shopping in a store?
2)What made Lasn create the Adbusters Media Foundation?
3)What´s the name of the Adbuster´s web site?
4)Who are its members?
5)What do some culture jammers do in stores?
6)What do some culture jammers do in corporate web sites?
7)What is Lasn´s motto?
Look at the following ads from the Adbusters.
If you had the opportunity to support one of them, which one would you choose? Why?
If you were an activist and had to create an event about a social issue, which social issue would you choose? Why?
-Individually, choose one of the events to write about.
-Imagine you are an activist and you are Writing a letter to the Mayor supporting the event you chose.
-First, on the paper write any words that come to mind about the event (1 minute brainstorm)
Don´t worry about grammar or spelling (2 minutes).
Write a sentence using each word.
Get together in groups of 4:

-Choose one of the topics to write about.

-Remember you are activists and you want to write a letter (12 sentences) to the Mayor, showing support and the reason why this event is important.

-For the letter you will need:
date, salutation, introduction, body, conclusion, closing and signature.
(1)March 08, 2013
(2)Dear Mayor Susana Villaran

(3)Nowadays we have seen how economy in various countries have been affected. Overspending has become a global issue...

(4)The main reason is the overspending on things we don´t need.
The media is also contributing with this problem...

(5)Another issue present is the overuse of credit cards. We believe that with a "Buy Nothing Day" event people will be aware of how much money they can save. For example...

(6)With a "Buy Nothing Day" the citizens will be able to save money for one day. We ask you to kindly support our event by declaring April 1st as a National holiday...

(7)Best regards,
(8)The National City Association
On a piece of paper, choose one of the following social issues:
-legalization of marihuana
-mandatory military service
-death penalty
Take 1 minute:
-Think about what you would do (events) to fight it.
-Think about possible solutions.
Writing: 12 sentences

-Write a letter to the President of your country supporting an event that will fight against one of the social issues you chose.

-Remember to use:

salutation, date,
introduction, body, conclusion,
closing and signature.
What kind of information do you usually find in a police report?
Tell me:
What was the last police report you´ve heard or read on the news?
Let´s look on page 52.
Write sentences of news reports using the following words:

1st S: sought, devoted, distress call
2nd S: stranded, authorities, incident
3rd S: involvement, seemingly vanished
4th S: outcome, identified, documents
5th S: evidence, theory, witness
Think about any news that you remember about an unexplained story.

What was the story about?
What´s the theory about it?
After activity B, discuss in groups:
What do you think happened with Martin?
Tell me:
-Do you know anyone who was adopted? or have you heard about one on tv?

Do you remember this movie? What happened with the twins?
look on page 53
Each group discuss the topic giving examples:

What are some reasons why people give children up for adoption?

Why do people adopt children?
Firs of all, let´s try to recall some modals that we used in Unit 4 for each category:

present past

giving permission
lack of necessity
We use modals of speculation when we are
uncertain about the future.
The modals used for speculation are the following:
How can you change the sentences to negative form?

What is the structure when talking about speculations of the past?
Remember the disappearance of Ciro Castillo? What were some speculations about his disappearance?

Let´s practice with some activities on page 54.
Constest: 3
-You need 2 writers and 1 messenger.
-Read what the teacher wrote on the board.
will tell the sentence to the writers.
-Writer 1
will copy sentence without changing it.
-Writer 2
will write sentence using modals of speculations about the past.
Example: The teacher worked as a nurse. (must)
1) My neighbor is rich. I´m sure he won La Tinka. (must)
2) Machu Picchu was a temple for the gods. (may)
3) Pachacutec lived in Machu Picchu. (might)
4) Alexis went to see the movie AsuMare. (could)
5) Machu Picchu was built in 1587. (may)
6) Tomacito was busy yesterday night. (might)
7) You did a great job yesterday. (must)
8) Yuck! Impossible! He did not make those huevos rancheros. (could)
In groups discuss:
Why do you think President Kennedy was murdered?
(Use modals of speculation)
Look on page 56.
Read the situation on activity A.
Speculate with modals of speculation.
After activity B:
Create a dialog in groups of 4 using the expressions from activity A (2 for each student).
-First, choose one of the following topics:
1)You hear people screaming in your neighbor´s house (Ronald). Next day, you see the police entering Ronald´s house. Ronald is dead, there is a red scarf next to the body. The wife is interrogated, she claims she spent the night at her mother´s house with the 5 month old baby.
2)You call your boyfriend but he doesn´t answer the phone. Next day you go to his house. He´s lying on the sofa face down smelling like beer. His neck has a red mark, his hair is wet and there is a piece of chizito on his head. The boyfriend claims that he went to a family birthday party and that the wet hair was because he took a shower.
3)Your bestfriend Clara is a party animal. She loves to drink and usually doesn´t come back home until next day, She went to a party, she forgot her cellphone at home. She took several pieces of clothing claiming they are for a friend who needs them. On her cellphone there were many calls from a friend named Eduardo.
-Second, Make a list of 8 reasons explaining the situation you chose. (They can be serious or silly reasons).
Third, make a dialog using the blue expressions to explain each reason.
(2 for each student)
Tell me class:
Do you believe in people with special powers?
Look on page 57. We´ll read about 2 strange phenomena.
Discuss in groups:
An unexplained mystery of the world.
-What are the facts?
-What are the theories about it?
Write 3 paragraphs (12 sentences) about an unexplained story you have experienced or have heard about
-Tell me the facts.
-Tell me your theory about it (modals of speculation about the past).
How has work changed over the last 10 years. What new trends have you noticed?
Look on page 64.
Read the 1st paragraph, look at the blue words and try to come up with the definition.
When finished, do activities on page 65
Look at the first 7 words on activity B.
You´ll have 5 minutes to memorize the meanings and give an example with 1 short sentence. Example:
CUT BACK ON means when you decrease the amount of something. Example: My boss cut back on my salary last month.
Language Focus
Phrasal Verbs
What´s the difference GIVE and GIVE UP?
-A phrasal verb is a verb composed of 2-3 words.
-It has:



-Examples of particles:

in, on, off, out under, up, about, ahead.

Do you remember any other phrasal verbs from Language Focus?
Here are some other phrasal verbs.
Can you find their meanings?
1)carry out
2)hand in
3)put off
4)think about
5)get away
6)get behind
7)get by
8)get in
9)goof off
10)hang on
11)get back to (someone)
1)to put into practice
2)to return; to submit
3)to delay; to postpone
4)to take in consideration
5)to break free; to escape
6)slacking from finishing the job
7)to survive
8)to enter
9)to avoid work by relaxing
10)to persevere
11)to talk to

-Look at the phrasal verbs you listed from 1-11.
-The teacher will give you 1 minute to come up with a sentence using the phrasal verb.
-You have to write it on the board. You have 1 minute to do so before the next student goes to the board.
look on page 66
How smart is your group? (groups of 4)

The teacher will give you a phrasal verb and you have to write a sentence (minimum 10 words) using the phrasal verb.

The sentence needs to have a complete idea and needs to make sense.
What are some common problems in today´s workplace?
-lack of time
-work overload
look on page 68
-Practice the conversation in pairs.
-Then answer the questions together.
Groups of 4, create a dialog:
-Use the 8 expressions from the box
(each student performs 2 of them)
-Choose one of the follwoing topics...
1)KFC: 2 SS are the managers/ 2 SS are the owners.
The owners ask the managers to organize people and fry 2,000 pieces of chicken with fries and coke for an important event tomorrow at noon.
You´ll also need people to deliver the food on time.
2)Starbucks: 2 SS are the managers/ 2 SS are the owners.
You work in Starbucks (Larcomar), the owners ask you to make 2,000 large frapuccinos for a beach event tomorrow (2pm) at Costa Verde.
You´ll need extra supplies: straws, cups and lid.
You´ll also need people to deliver the order cold enough.
3)Ripley: 2 SS are the managers / 2 SS are the owners.
Tomorrow is Ripley´s anniversary, the owners ask you to put together a parade with balloons, music and people dancing around Jockey Plaza.
You´ll also need to get 2,000 cupons printed to give away.
unit 6, lesson B
Get Ready to Read
1)Read the question and think about your answer in silence for 1 minute:


-For 2 minutes, tell your partner in front about your answer.
-When finished, listen to your partner for 2 minutes.
-Now, tell your partner next to you the story you heard (2 minutes).
-When finished, listen to the partner next to you about the story he heard (2 minutes).
look on page 69
Round robin:
Think about this question:


Example: I think my true calling is being a vet because I´m good with animals.
1) What did she use to love doing when she was a child?
2) Did she ever consider taking a career in culinary arts? Why?
3) What´s her career now?
4) How did she end up working at The Mediterranean?
5) Why does she want to buy The Mediterranean?
6) Does her family support her decision?
-legalization of marihuana
-mandatory military service
-death penalty
Do you remember what events we talked about yesterday?
Think- Pair- Share
Imagine you´re the President of your country.
You are given the task to create a national holiday.
-Tell me the name of it.
-Tell me the purpose for it.
-Tell me how should people celebrate it.
Look at the following video.
Read the different mottos.

Choose the one that inspires you the most.
Share the mottos with the class and discuss the meanings of each one.
look on page 49
Discuss the meaning of each motto.
Look at the following PSA (Public Service Announcement)
-What issue is it trying to raise awareness about?
-What is it telling people they should or shouldn´t do?
look on page 49, activity 2
From all the PSA you have seen:
-Which cause would you support?
-What actions can you take to support this cause?
What other stories about people who mysteriously vanished do you know?
1) My neighbor is rich. I´m sure
he must have
won La Tinka. (must)
2) Machu Picchu
may have been
a temple for the gods. (may)
3) Pachacutec
might have lived
in Machu Picchu. (might)
4) Alexis c
ould have gone
to see the movie AsuMare. (could)
5) Machu Picchu
may have been
built in 1587. (may)
6) Tomacito
might have been
busy yesterday night. (might)
7) You
must have done
a great job yesterday. (must)
8) Yuck! Impossible! He
could not have made
those huevos rancheros. (could)
Think- Pair- Share
Think about an unexplained story (ghosts, UFOs, psychics, etc). Tell your partner the story with
as well as your
about it.
Watch the video and tell me to STOP when you hear a sentence with modal of speculation.
look on page 48
Number heads: groups of 4
Think about an unexplained story
(not a ghost story)
. For example:
Machu Picchu, The Great Pyramids, UFOs, psychics, mysterious disappearances, etc.
Share it with the group and be ready to report.
1) Guess what! My boss
laid me off
2) I need to
stick with
this new diet so I can wear my bikini.
3) This is great! The sales of churros have
taken off
4) I need to
cut back on
the amount of chimichurri that I eat.
5) Men wearing tight pants
caught on
in the new century.
6) I need to
figure out
the mystery behind the UFOs.
7) OMG! Charito
found out

Luchito had another family.
8) Getting an MBA degree will help me to
get ahead
in my next job.
9) Are you crazy? Eulogio will be mine forever. I won´t
give up
10) I need to
come up with
an idea to get the fish out of the toilet.
1) Guess what! My boss stopped employing me.
2) I need to continue this new diet so I can wear my bikini.
3) This is great! The sales of churros have increased dramatically.
4) I need to decrease the amount of chimichurri that I eat.
5) Men wearing tight pants became popular in the new century.
6) I need to solve the mystery behind the UFOs.
7) OMG! Charito discovered that Luchito had another family.
8) Getting an MBA degree will help me to be successful in my next job.
9) Are you crazy? Eulogio will be mine forever. I won´t stop trying.
10) I need to think of an idea to get the fish out of the toilet.
To write a report about social issues related with the media, explain possible solutions to raise awareness.

Reader´s Digest: To serve and protect
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