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Mrs. Ngo' s Classroom Expectations

No description

Rose Ngo

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of Mrs. Ngo' s Classroom Expectations

Mrs. Ngo's Classroom Expectations
Other Questions?
About Mrs. Ngo's Desk(s)
Welcome to Division 18
Orange Team!
- 4 classes
Switch Class Teacher, Mrs. Gallello, teaches
Language Arts , Socials, Math 6
Making Bad Choices
Mrs. Ngo teaches
Math 7, Language Arts , Science, HCE, French
Class website
This is my personal space!
No students allowed.
Nut Allergies
No Peanut Butter!
Every class has rules!
Why do we need rules?
What do you think are important rules to have?
What would your ideal classroom be like?
Level 1
- Behaviour Reflection

- Self Reflection
- Fair consequence for yourself
- Parent Signature
Level 3
- Office Referral
Mrs. Ngo does not give warnings.
Consider this your warning...
Level 2
- Same as Level 1
phone call home
Any violent or seriously disrespectful behaviour
towards peers or adults is not tolerated - Level 3
Keep our room

No Food or Drink at the computers
or during class!
Water bottles OK on your desk.
So are... Small Tote/Laptop bags
Shelves are
for you!
All your belongings need to fit in your locker.
Take to class only what fits in the desk...
NO PE Strip
... Keep them in your locker!
You are sharing this room with Div 8.
They need a place for their things too.
empty the desk when you transition
after Language Arts, at Nut. Break, Lunch & Afterschool.
If you forget to empty your desk, you will "
owe me clean up duty time
" for each offense during the day, earning up to 20 minutes of "your" time!

Some people in the building are allergic to the smell.
The microwave is in
Mrs. Gallello's Room.
It is for Div. 5 & 8 students ONLY!
You should
me as I am helping you learn to organized for Gr.8 and beyond.
Do not take things from my desk or around it, unless I give you permission.
Laptops & Electronics
Even though we have an assignment completion site,
I will still be signing planners at the end of the day.
You need to learn how to be organized and I need to see proof that your parents check your planner. Min. 3 signatures per week or you will phone home on Thursdays.
The assignment site is your back-up, in case you forget your planner.
Morning Bells
Before 8am - Outside or Quiet Work in Art Room
8:00am - 8:19am - Outside only
8:20am - Put your things away in your locker.
Bring your DEAR novel, LA and HCE/Socials materials to class.

8:35am - Sitting at your desk, silent reading.

8:40am - You are LATE! Head to office for late slip.
How Much Work Do I Give?
I always give you about 15-20 minutes of work time every class.

Whatever you don't finish becomes homework... so use your time effectively.
I will not "POLICE" you. You need to learn how to work in a class setting...
What If I Don't Finish My Assignment?
If your work is not done when I conduct an assignment check at the beginning of class, you will be awarded an "X" and possibly an INCOMPLETE ASSIGNMENT slip. You will be expected to show me your completed work at the end of class (not when I am teaching) or stay after school.

Failure to follow through - LEVEL 1 Behaviour Form...
How Do I Grade You?
This will be discussed throughout the year.
It varies per subject...
Laptops and tablets are WELCOME in this class.
It is your own responsibility to put your laptop away.
You can put your laptop in the "laptop" drawer or in one of the empty white cubbies.
When I am teaching, your laptop must be
Technology Etiquette
Mrs. Ngo...
Interactive White Board ONLY to be used during CLASS time!
This e-beam device cost me over $1,300.
This belongs to me, not the school!!!

Please tap lightly using the pen.
Be mindful of the projector & electric cords.
My Teaching Style
I enjoy teaching in a peaceful environment
... unless yelling at you helps you learn

I enjoy having have class discussions about topics
... unless you demonstrate you can't handle it.

I enjoy using technology purposefully
... unless it's too difficult for you to use & understand.

I enjoy making lessons more interesting
... unless you can't get your assignments done on time.
MP3's, iPods and cellphones are not to be seen or used during the school day,
unless you have my permission to use them in class.
Carry earphones with you!
I like to make learning
but that only happens when I know I don't have to focus on classroom management...

What does this mean?

I have lots of cool things that I'd like to try out with you, but it all falls on the
Can I leave the room to photocopy? Can I talk with a parent or student outside?
Will I need to treat you like primary kids or can I treat you like teenagers?
We all make mistakes.
Sometimes you make
There are
for your actions.
I am
, but I am
I'm not here to be your "buddy" or best friend...
but I will be here if you need someone to talk to.
You are here to learn, not just knowledge about school subjects,
but also how to interact with each other and work as a team...
My Pet Peeves...
You "control" what kind of teacher I will be...
Every class is different...
No one student has the "right" to affect
another's ability to learn...

Your Chance At a New Image
Here is your perfect opportunity to
to have a
fresh start

I don't really know you... (especially Gr.6's)...
you have a chance to make a new first impression.

For Gr. 7's, people change over time and you have the same opportunity to create a new or different image for yourself too.
Both of us will teach RAOK together
PE will be taught by Mr. Aitken & Mrs. Campbell
Due to the expensive technology in our classroom (mine and yours),
our room will be closed
at lunch and Nut. Break
unless Mrs. Ngo is here.
Division 17 - Mrs. Gallello
Division 18 - Mrs. Ngo
Division 20 - Ms. Diep / Mr. Balser
Division 19 - Mr. Crema
These can only be enjoyed

of our classroom...
But, everyone's learning needs are different...

Thus, it is natural that some of your work might look different...
I try to be as
as possible...
Is it wrong to be different?

Do we all have to be the same to be liked?

Don't our differences make us who we are...
make us the
people we are created to be?
Extra Supplies Bin
The supplies in this bin are not meant to be "taken".
These supplies belong to the class!

If you choose to borrow anything from this box, you must leave behind an item of importance as collateral.
Ex. shoe

Once you return the borrowed item(s), you can retrieve your belonging(s).
Depending on the offense,
you may be sent directly to office, bypassing Levels 1 &2...
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