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Dixieland and New Orleans JAZZ

No description

Alexander Freigang

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Dixieland and New Orleans JAZZ

Dixieland Music
One of the most easiest jazz forms.
Solos play a much greater roll.
Standard band size: front line
Trumpet (or cornet)
Rhythmic section: at least two
Guitar (banjo)
String bass
How is Dixieland connected to the general word "Jazz"?
"Old South"
Dixie - Civil War Southern States
Hot Jazz
Early Jazz
Spread up to form New Orleans Chicago and New york.
Big influence of the Midwestern musical style of ragtime.
What are the rhythmic and melodic components of Dixieland Jazz?

Transition and combination of 2-beat to 4-beat.
Introduced swing in it's earliest form
In a 2/2 march the tuba usually plays the chord root on beat 1 and the chord fifth on beat 2, with the French horns sounding the full chord on the upbeats.
New Orleans Jazz
Birthplace of Jazz
Usually lead by trumpet or cornet.
Supported harmonically - horns
rhythmically - bass and drums.
Did not include a lot of solos.
Improvisation - collective, melodic expression
a swinging, stomping, syncopated beat - that makes you want to dance!
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Famous Musicians representing Dixieland, New Orleans Jazz
Louis Armstrong:
August 4, 1901 – July 6, 1971
"he made Jazz what it is today"
shifting to the focus of solos
Talented with scat singing
Famous pieces:
What a Wonderful World
Hello Dolly!
Potato Head Blues
Heebie Jeebies
La Vie En Rose

Original Dixieland Jazz Band:
First recording 1917
"Livery Stable Blues" - first Jazz single issued
5 Musicians
Billed itself as the "Creator of Jazz"
Famous piece:
Tiger Rag
Livery Stable Blues
Darktown Strutters' Ball
"Hello Dolly"
Music Analysis

For my analysis of a music piece I have chosen Louis Armstrong Hello Dolly feat. Max Greger Big Band from Germany.

A very common objective which Louis Armstrong has in most of his pieces is the syncopation of his tones. These syncopation add to the unfamiliar atmosphere of Louis Armstrong’s Hello Dolly.

For the first seven beats of the pieces, just a trumpet, a trombone and the drums are playing the intro. On the eighth beat Louis enter with the first line "Hello Dolly"
8 beats
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