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The Slenderman

No description

Rebecca Newsome

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of The Slenderman

The Slenderman
The faceless nightmare

What does it do?
The slenderman's motives are a mystery,but he is known to stalk random victims with only one thing in common,they each experienced a tragedy,some being caused by the slenderman itself.It then contacts the victim,and if it is a child,he will seem to be friendly toward them.If the victim is a adult,slenderman will stalk them for long amounts of time and give them slender sickness.The slenderman will finish it's work by abducting the victim and dragging them into the forest to be killed,and occasionally burn down a place that was connected to the victim one way or another.It is also described in pop culture to use notes.
Where does it live?
In the environmental sense of where it lives,he is mainly described as living in a vast forest where it can blend into the trees to stay hidden from it's victim's,it is usually dark when it appears.In the sense of where it is known,you can usually find it in creepypasta or the games based on it,but there somewhere else where it resides...
The Way out
There have been some theories on how to survive the slenderman such as getting up high like on a roof,don't stop moving,and not closing your eyes.No matter what you should not give up,fight if you have to.Some people have come up with what weapons they think can be used to fight the slenderman including salt,cold iron,swords,guns,baseball bats,or fire extinguishers.
It's appearance
The slenderman is commonly described as having the appearance of a tall man wearing a black or grey suit,with a red or black tie,and a white shirt.His skin is white,and has no face or hair.The actual height of the slender man is unknown due to inexact descriptions of it from different sources.But a more bizarre physical trait than his non-existent face is the tentacles on his back.
There were sightings of a creature similar to the slenderman in the 1600s in Germany.But there are also photographs of what appears to be the slenderman took in the early 1900s and there were reports of children disappearing in the areas where they were taken.Along with reports of rare encounters in germany war zones in the 1900s.
It's abilities
The slenderman's original abilities were to be invisible to select people,mostly adult humans,but you can see it with the use of a camera.It can change it's height and body shape,this is usually used to make it's arms into tentacles or to form tentacles on it's back and shoulders for use as extra appendages(or to cause fear in it's prey.)He is also believed to be able to affect or control the human mind.If you are using digital equipment,it could affect that too,causing video/audio distortion like the sound of static.
What is Slender Sickness?
The slender sickness is a combination of symptoms caused by exposure to the slenderman,possibly from radiation coming from it's body.There are 3 stages,each for how close the slenderman has been near you.
Stalked:Nose bleeds,fever like those when you have the common cold,mild amnesia.
1st encounter:nose bleeds,exhaustion,nausea,strong cough,vomiting,amnesia,slight signs of radiation posioning,aches and pains,slight trauma of the eyes,deja vu.
More than 5 sightings:Coughing blood,blood in vomit,strong signs of radiation poisoning,it is painful to breathe,swallowing is difficult,violent convulsions,major amnesia.
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