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No description

Bekka Schindel

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Box

Double click anywhere & add an idea Our box journey starts
in Sri Lanka, Port Colombo.
Sri Lanks brings leather bags
Brazil. Brazil loads up the box
again and sends sugar,
coffee and orange juice to
The Netherlands. After unloading
the imports from Brazil,
port Rotterdam fills the box with
tulips going to Port Suez in Egypt. Egypt loads the box
with raw
cotton to port
Panaji, India.
India unloads the
cotton and restocks
the box with rice to
Sri Lanka. Possible compications of our box include the possibility to have an over capacity in Colombo of Sri Lanka before the explansion project. They are close to their limit of boxes they can handle. Also at Port Suez in Egypt Some cargo loads are too large and are not allowed to dock there.

Lessons learned from this activity:
1. There are many ports all over the world helping us make shipping fast and efficent.
2. The use of technology like using refridgerated boxes has made it possible to send perishisble foods thousands of miles away and still be fresh and ready to eat by the time it gets to the grocery store.
3. Many of our daily items come from far away places and get to us very quickly by these boxes. Bekka and Morgan's box! The End!
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