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African Congo Rainforest

No description

Abjeet Mann

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of African Congo Rainforest

- for the past decade been devestated
from logging, war and encroachment from farmers

African Congo Rainforest
Hello my name is Abjeet Singh Mann 707
i'll talk about AFRICAN CONGO
RAINFOREST with the upcoming categories
such as Wild Life, Threats, Protecting,
Climate, Plant's, Tree's, Flower's,
Body Of Water, Food Chain, Fun Facts,
Resource's, Pygmies and also Artifact's
so lets get to it.

The End
- this artifact
was found by
King Kongolo
- found by
the pygmies
and considered

- small communities moved frequently through distinct forest territory's
gathering a vast range of
forest products and
exchanging goods with
neighbor settled societies


- Oil
- Wood
- Diamond
- Gold
- Coltan
Fun Fact's
- do you know that DRC means
Democratic Republic of the Congo
- this is one of the inspiration's of the congo

Food Chain
Orchids, biomeliads, buttress Roots,
Big Leaf Mahogang, Cacao, Brazil Nut Tree, Banana tree
Okapi, Giraffe, Elephant, Mole,
Golden Toad Shrew, Red Squirrel,
Gorilla, Wild Boar, Bonoba
Food Chain # 2
Coyote, Mandrill, Waterback, Chameleon, Fossa, Wild Dog
The Boomslang, Lion, Tiger
Bacteria, Mushrooms, Worms
- teak tree's are common in the congo rainforest that can grow up to 50 meters ( 154 feet )
- these tree's are high demand
source of wood, the main reason
for the alarming rate of
- in the most dense parts of the rainforest only 1% of the sunlight reaches the ground
- lianas that look like vines in the congo rainforest that you can grow three thousand feet long ( 914 meters )
- cancer institutes have identified approximately 1,400 rainforest plants which could potentially be used to fight cancer
Body Of Water
- in central africa transportation source is the river
- usually rivers in the african congo
are 14,500 kilometers or longer
- it's one million four hundred
thousand cubic feet of water
( 41,000 cubic meters )
- it's called the congo river
and the zaire river
- it got it's name from the ancient kongo kingdom
- it rains 117 days per year with
a total of approximatley 1,766mm
of rainfall
- the tree's in the rainforest produce 30% of the world's oxygen
- the average rainfall is a little over 58 inches ( 147 cm ) per year
- at night it's 15 degree's and at morning it's 12 degree's
- near the river at night it's
20 degree's to 27 degree's and
in morning it's 80 degree's to
90 degree's
- it's the world's second largest rainforest
- it's 1.5 million square miles
- five of the national parks in the congo
rainforest are UN World Heritage Sites
( meaning they have special significance
to the world )
- the DRC signed a contract that say's exchange for the right's to log timber worth many hundreds of thousand of dollars
- school's and hospital's were promised by
logger's forced to sign away their right to
- this contract was called the contract
of shame
- it's name came from
a greek word
- it might grow on a same tree
as orchids, cacti, bromeliads,
aroids, lichens, mosses,
and ferns

Flower's # 2
- It grows 30 feet tall and it's pitcher's may be 12 inches in length
- it eats small animals
and reptiles that
attempt to steal the
insects from the pitcher
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