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Cyrus Sharif

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of computers

The First Of Apple Computers
The computer was originally made for scientist's and the government to record all of their important documents and you could only write and save documents on floppy disk. Which only contained about 4 to 7.5 megabytes of memory.( Not a lot of memory.) But then they wanted to be able to share their research with each other with this new device of there's. So engineers started working on this new feature and soon it became the internet. After that, the computer was not just for the government and scientist's anymore. Company's wanted them to speed up the rate of work and soon they came out with games for kids and adults and people soon started to own computers for themselves. Now their is a computer in basically every home in America. And that's all thanks to the abacus.
The Designing Process Of The Computer ( Or Stem)
The very first computer was a calculator and was not electronic. It was invented in 3000 B.C.E. and it was called the abacus. And this really simple calculator is the basic founder of all technology and we wouldn't have computers to make this really cool power point. We might be still inventing the light bulb if it were not for this useful invention.
It took the computer 4 years to reach 5 million users!
TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row of the keyboard!
The History Of Computers
Fact's About The Very First Computer
Apples History Of Computers
On April fools Day, 1976, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs released the Apple 1 computer and started Apple computers. The apple computers were with a single circuit board.
September 1, 1977
Apple 1
June 1, 1979
Apple 2
December 1, 1981
Apple 3
January 1, 1984
Apple Lisa
September 10, 1984
Macintosh 128K
September 1, 1986
Apple //c
October 15, 1990
Macintosh Plus
December 1, 1992
Apple IIGS
January 15, 1990
Macintosh II
February 11, 1991
Macintosh Portable
March 23, 1992
Macintosh LC
September 13, 1993
Macintosh Classic II
October 14, 1995
Quadra 950
May 16, 1994
Macintosh Color Classic
August 3, 1992
PowerBook 140
October 17, 1994
Quadra 605
March 1, 1994
Newton Message Pad 100
May 18, 1996
Power Macintosh 6100
August 16, 1995
PowerBook 540c
February 17, 1997
Power Macintosh 9500
May 1, 1997
Performa 6400
March 14, 1998
PowerBook 3400
March 14, 1998
Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh
May 10, 1999
iMac G3
September 13, 2000
November 13, 2001
January 9, 2001
"Pismo" PowerBook
July 17, 2002
May 16, 2006
PowerBook G4 12"
August 7, 2006
Xserve G5
March 17, 2008
AirPort Express
February 28, 2006
Mac Mini
October 14, 2008
MacBook Air
March 2, 2011
Adisa Nicholson gives two examples.

1.Steve Jobs really liked apples, and no one could think of a better name.

2.He wanted to come before Atari in the phone book.

Why Apple Was Named Apple
Pictures Of The First Computer
Websites We Used
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