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Practical tools for River Restoration

No description

Antonia Scarr

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Practical tools for River Restoration

Toni Scarr:
Environment Agency

Where next?
how can we mainstream river restoration?
Practical tools for River Restoration
how can 3oo of us influence 3 million or more if it is not their priority?
River Restoration Case Studies -
from around Europe
who we are
- RESTORE EU life partnership for sharing knowledge and promoting best practice on river restoration
Rivers By Design
A guide for planners, developers & architects and on the benefits of river restoration
What is our vision?

60% of people here have not been to a RESTORE or ECRR event

what have we done?
Tell them what we mean by River Restoration
natural state and functioning of the river
improve our rivers even in the heart of our cities
reconnect channels with their floodplains
natural flood storage, improved access
not a return to 100s of years ago but quality habitats
not just the channel but associated habitats
source to sea - whole catchment

37 events in 21 countries
RESTORE events
Similar challenges around Europe
Invasive Species
get better at explaining the benefits of 'working with natural processes
innovative about how we deliver benefits
different levels of understanding
whole catchment solutions
What/ who else do we link with in the future?
over the next couple of days the sessions will look to clarify these questions
Policy implementation
valuing river restoration
how you define environmental flows to balance river ecosystems with other services needed
A look at river restoration techniques &another session on how river restoration could enhance or just maintain biodiversity
a closer look at communication tools
lack of shared best practice
what challenges did people come up with?
innovative approaches to delivering landscapes that support differing sectors such as agriculture, recreation and tourism
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