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gameing systems

about how game systemes and the effects that they have on kids today plus the advantages of each system

mitchell jones

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of gameing systems

Call of the Gameing Years
Modern Technology The Atri xbox 360 The Atari was made in 1972.
This was the very first gaming system that people
could own and have in their very own homes for recreational puroses. 2006 2001 When the Xbox was released
it effected the way that
children spent their time and
showed many advancements
in the system which appealed to
the kids. The Xbox has online
play that connects with others in the game. Play Station 3 The PS3 is one of the
most advanced gaming
systems of today. It is also one of the most popular
systems not only for it's detailed graphics
but for the ability to interact with others
playing the game all around the world for free.
The PS3 also doubles as a blue ray player which
allow you to watch movies on it. The Wii When the Wii was introduced
it was a new inovative way to
combine the fun of video games
with excersize. The designers hoped
that the game would get kids to be more active. Despite the fact that the Wii is not like a traditional video game it has become very popular, especially with younger children. 2006 Addiction to Gaming:
The reason the Atari was so popular was because it was the first of its kind. It had many different games that kids liked to play and were able to in the confort of their own homes.
The games were addicting because the player was able to control what happened in a world that was not their own.
Today's systems are much more addicting because of the diversity you have within a single game. People like them because they are lifelike and the player makes the decisions. Video Games Role in the Real World
We generally see video games as an escape, for a few hours, during your hectic day.
But video games can actually help us in the real world, video games train our fighter pilots to fly jets, troops how to fire their weapons accurately.
Even though they do help in real life the main purpose of video games is amusement and fun. Pros Cons Video games allow kids to interact with computers and technology early in life.
Games also teach you to follow directions.
They teach children problem solving skills.
If playing with others, the games can provide bonding time and social skills.
Games are fun and are something that kids enjoy as a relief to their day. Overplaying can cause children to become anti-social and have few friends.
Most games have plots of violence and anger.
Games can make kids confuse fantasy with reality.
Carpel tunnel.
Games can reduce kids active habits. Parents Views Even though parents are happy that their children have something to preoccupy them and take them away from their days some parents do not approve of the "maurity" of the games. With the violence and lifelike deaths some parents do not think that the games are appropriate for their children.
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