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No description

ashley prososki

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Invertebrates

Invertebrates Simple Invertebrates sponges Cnidarains worms roundworms flatworms planarians flukes tapeworms live in freshe ;i ;i skeleton is not made of bones, it is made hard fibers called, spicules a missing part can grow back medusa polyp attach to something carries poison swim through water Mollusks
and Annelid worms Gastropods snails and slugs bivalves shellfish, clams and oysters celphalopods octopuses and squids earthworms, leeches, marine worms arthropods arthropods insect spiders crustaceans centipedes largest group of arthropods millpedes scorpions mites ticks shrimp crabs barnades lobsters echinoderms brittle&basket stars sea stars sea orchins sand dollors sea cucumbers sea lillies&feather stars fresh water or damp places predtor parsite they use sukers to attach to there host some tapworm can live in humans there is 100,000 roundworms in a single rotten apple worms
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