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Empathy Team A

empathy final project

Sahiba Nagpaul

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Empathy Team A

Empathy Team A Tyler Horgan
Sahiba Nagpaul
Chelsea Watts "Emapthy is the abililty to imagine yourself in someone else's position and to intuit what that person is feeling." -Dan Pink Project 2: Emotions Dan Pink "Empathy is the ability to imagine yourself in someone elses's position and to intuit what that other person is feeling" -Dan Pink Empathy = Sympathy / Empathy in the Workplace Project 1-Organization
Schools for Schools ETC Field Trip This man really made our team feel
his pain. His facial expression and body
language tells us that he is distressed and
sad. This relates to empathy because we
were putting ourselves in his shoes.

This robot was very expressionless. Her body movements, voice, and face were not human.
These were all cons in her design, and made her creators unhappy with the results.
This relates to empathy because people
couldn't relate to her, and therefore wouldn't
want want her as their personal robot. Quasi was a robot that was in the lobby of the
ETC. He was very interactive because the person
controlling him can actually see and hear you.
He relates to empathy because his antennas changed
color depending on his emotions.
wide eyes and mouth open Overwhelmed
stiff body langauge and wide eyes Excited
wide eyes and smiley face. loose body language Fear
Wide eys, red face and stiff body langauge Giddy
giggly and smiley. loose body langauge Frantic
hurried, stiff body language, wide eyes Melancholy
relaxed face, relaxed eyes. Laid back body language Love
comfortable body langauge. smiley faces. Fury
red face and widened eyes. stiff body language Grief
loose body language. and soft eyes. Joy
Wide eyes and open mouth. loose body language.
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