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Elizabethan Times Fashion/Beliefs and Customs

Language assignment

Boki Tudorovic

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Elizabethan Times Fashion/Beliefs and Customs

& Elizabethan
Beliefs & Customs Elizabethan Fashion The women wanted their clothes
to look like the men's, with broad shoulders, wide hips, and slim waists. Elizabethan Clothing for
Women Women's dresses were not made
all in one piece as they
usually are today.
Instead, women wore two or
more garments as one dress. The Elizabethan man
would wear boots, a fitted jacket, hose, breeches (pants) that came only to his knees, and a codpiece
infront covering from the knee to ankle. Elizabethan Clothing for Men The DOUBLET was the most expensive part of a man's clothing. It was like an armor breastplate, covering the back and chest. Ridges Down the front ad wings at the shoulders. Stuffed with horsehair (ITCHY!!), wool or rags so i would keel its shape This is a diagram of the
lady's clothing and the men's clothing Boys were allowed to marry
at the age of 14, girls were allowed to marry
at the age of 12.
Older Men and Women could marry someone
younger, even 12 and over. Marriage The coat of arms was paited
on the flag, organized by one
of the family hearalds. Funerals The coffin was carried to the grave
by black cald pallbears. Mourners
followed wearing cloaks. Funerals were VERY detailed if someone was a noble person. Elizabethans believed that
there were seven planets--
the moon, Mercury, Venus,
Sol(the sun), Mars, Jupiter,
and Saturn. And that they rotated
around the earth in concentric circles. Beliefs about the Universe Bells were the biggest way to
communicate with other Elizabethans.
The bells rang continuously during fearful times, such as an epidemic or the plague. Bells There was no postal service for the public.
There was a regular system of messengers
on horseback on official business. Mail If there was an emergency, a
postmaster (A.K.A. a mailman) at
any stations along the route could
take any horse belonging to any
one inorder to get the message out This was Elizabethan Clothing and Beliefs and Customs End Now this is the...
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