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Life Without Thomas Edison

No description

Katherine Wang

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Life Without Thomas Edison

Life Without Thomas Edison
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Rise of Tesla
The Lightbulb
Although most people believe that Edison "invented" the lightbulb, this is entirely inaccurate.

Edison simply managed to mass market the lightbulb. This allowed more people to learn about the lightbulb and use it.

Even though Edison was successful in selling the lightbulb he didn't play as big of a part in creating it.
During World War 1, Tesla suggested the use of "energy waves" known today as RADAR to find German U-boats underwater. Edison immediately rejected Tesla's idea saying that it would never work.

Although Tesla's idea may have been instrumental in ending submarine warfare against Germany, Edison convinced the US Military that this idea was entirely "impractical", because he couldn't profit from it.
Deleting Edison from History
With Edison erased from history, we would still have the society that we live in today. In fact, society would have been more advanced if Tesla was allowed to carry out his inventions without Edison as an obstacle. His vision for wireless charging an electrical device would have been a reality, along with many other significant innovations.
By: The Godzillas Period 1
Katherine Wang, Torrey Guan, Vaishnavi Shrivastava

-Edison was not a brilliant inventor, but rather a CEO who knew how to sell products, manipulate public opinion, and intimidate others.

-Without the existence of Edison, Nikola Tesla, the true genius behind many of the world's innovations, would have rightfully received proper recognition for the invention of the light bulb amongst other inventions.
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Edison vs. Tesla
-Because of Edison's growing popularity, many of Tesla's ideas were sidelined. He took credit for many inventions that he had merely fixed.
Meet the Players

Tesla was a Serbian, by parentage, who began working for the phone company in Budapest.
In 1882, he headed for Paris, where he took a job with the Continental Edison Company.
He was invited to work stateside after his supervisor wrote a recommendation praising the young man as a genius on par with Edison himself.
While he hired Tesla, Edison thought the man's ideas were “splendid” but “utterly impractical".

Nikola Tesla
Thomas Edison
Power Generator: Alternating Current vs. Direct Current

This disagreement between Tesla and Edison came to be known as the War of Currents.

Had Edison not existed, Tesla's invention, the AC current, would have been more prevalent in the world, allowing our electrical system to be more efficient.

Nikola Tesla was the mastermind behind the AC current. This allowed large amounts of energy to be transmitted across very long distances easily. IT was very practical for supplying energy to cities.
On the other hand, Edison heavily supported the use of the DC current because it used a lower voltage and was all-round safer.
Possible Consequences
Although deleting Edison from history may seem like it could hold potentially successful outcomes, there is also possible probability that things could go awry.

Even if Edison was deleted from history, another scientist/CEO may have came along and stolen credit for Tesla's innovations.

Additionally, Tesla, who was not as popular as Edison, might have taken a longer time to popularize his inventions--leading to a delay in our technological advancements.
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