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From Noreña to Broadstairs

No description


on 4 March 2017

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Transcript of From Noreña to Broadstairs

DAY 2:
On Sunday we got up very early because we were going to London. We were all very excited because many of us had never been to London.
We went by bus and arrived there at ten in the morning.
DAY 3:
the school, the quiz
and the disco

In the afternoon we had a very funny quiz around Broadstairs (Observation Quiz) and we discovered many places in the town.
DAY 4:
We went to school in the morning and in the afternoon we walked for three kilometres.

Now we are even famous because they wrote about us in two newspapers!

DAY 1:

We got up early, we were nervous ... England was waiting for us!
Our families took us to Ranón airport and our plane took off on time. An hour and a half later, at 17.15, we arrived at Heathrow airport. Then we travelled to Broadstairs by bus. When we arrived there, we met our host families and we had our first dinner with them.
DAY 5:

We spent the morning in the school and after lunch we travelled to Canterbury by bus.
We had a walk around the city and we saw the famous cathedral.

From Noreña to Broadstairs
14th-21st January 2017
DAY 6:
We went to school in the morning and in the afternoon we went Margate by train.
We spent the afternoon there and visited an art gallery.
DAY 7:
Canterbury again
and drama

It was our last morning at school.
In the afternoon we went to Canterbury again and we went on a different tour
around the city.
After that, we had more free time and we went shopping.
DAY 8:
GOING back ...

The day arrived ...
we had to go back home!
We woke up early, said goodbye to our host families and took a bus to Heathrow airport.
We left the airport at 16.45 and
we arrived in Asturias at 19.40.
Our families were there, waiting for us ..
We are a group of 14 students.
Our high school is in Noreña, Asturias.
We decided to spend one week in England.
Two teachers, Ángeles and Nuria, came with us.
These are our names:
Hebe Luna
We travelled by boat down the river Thames.
Then we walked around London and we even had some free time to go shopping.
We all liked the city.
In the evening we went back to Broadstairs.
We went to Ramsgate, a beautiful village. We had some free time there and we went back to Broadstairs by bus because it was freezing!
After dinner, we went to school and we saw a film about three singers.
We got up early and went to our school, Kent School of English.
We did a test to know our level of English. We were distributed in different classrooms with students from other countries.
At night we went to the disco.
It was really funny!!!
We had some free time and then we went back to Broadstairs.
In the evening we had a quiz in a famous ice-cream shop.
It was funny ... but a bit difficult!
It was amazing!
In the evening, after having lunch with our host families, we sang in a karaoke.
It was one of the funniest activities we had: we sang many songs!
In the evening we had drama: we were actors and actresses for a short time, and we really enjoyed it!
It was a great week not only for us, but also for our teachers ...
See you soon ...
nuria campo varela
ies noreña
We spoke English ...
We visited
places ...
We laughed ...
We slept ...
We met new people ...
We also learnt to live without our families ...
We will never forget this week:
... and slept ...
... and slept ...
We made friends ...
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