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Work for Google!

Jose Nufio

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Google

Despite being a young company google has achieved a lot. Ever since it was founded in 1998, it has grown to serve thousands of users. Google Culture Google appreciates talent over experience.
There is great creativity and diversity among the Google employees. Fortunes 100 best Companies to Work For ranked #1. Google strives for diversity because its the right thing to do. What Google believes in. 1.Focus on the user first and foremost. 2. Its best to do one thing really well. Bring the user the best experienced possible. Google focuses on search and making search more available through different platforms. 3. Fast is better then slow. Whether it be an application for mobile devices or Google Chrome, it has to be fast enough for the modern user. 4. Democracy on the web.
Search in Google is as relevant as it can be. 5. You don't need your desk to get answers.
We live in a mobile world. 6. Money can be made without being evil. We do not allow ads to be displayed in the results pages that are not relevant to where they appear. 7. There's always more information out there. Google Engineers will always look for more results to the search. There are offices in 60 countries, over 180 internet domains, and the Google search interface has over 130 languages. 9. You can be serious without wearing a tie. Creative environment. 10. Being great is not enough. Always striving for more! 8. The need for information goes beyond borders. The Perks for employees are endless! Google has on site Doctors, including chiropractors. Own Japanese Toto Toilets. Endless Lap pools. Free Food. Free Haircuts. Death Benefits
50% percent of the salary every year for the next decade. Internships. Free Massage Therapy There are mentoring and training programs during the internships.
oil changes
dry-cleaning and alterations
car wash
DVD rental
ATMs and credit union services
bike repairs
laundry (Mountain View office) They have the same benefits of Google any google employee and can earn up to $6,463 per month. It takes a rigid interview process that can be completely worth it. Internships are all year round. Thank You! www.google.com/jobs
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