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Learner Development Project

No description

David Giampa

on 14 December 2014

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Transcript of Learner Development Project

Learner Development Project:
High School Students

By: David Giampa
Impeding Science:

Religion Impeding Society

High School students go through, what is classically known as, puberty. Meaning, their body goes through several drastic changes:
Gain height and weight
Develop sexual maturity
Reproductive growth
Improve their motor skills
Fine: ability to paint
Gross: ability to play sports
Develop moodiness, clumsiness, and acne from the Hormones
It is harder for them to control their emotions and make wise judgements, hence self-awareness.

Physical characteristics
Social Characteristics
High School Students are at the epicenter of social interactions. Females tend to have a smaller friend group, while Males have a larger, more casual group of friends.
Their social lives are guided by other peers and social media.
One negativity that comes with the High Schooler's reliance on social media is cyberbullying.
Cyberbullying is defined as the willful and repeated harm inflicted through the medium of electronic text.*

There are two major formats that bullies can employ to harass their victims:

1. A cyberbully can use a computer to send harassing e-mails or instant messages, post obscene, insulting, and slanderous messages to online bulletin boards (forums) or social networking sites, or develop a website to promote harassing content at the expense of their victim.

2. A cyberbully can use cell phones to send harassing text messages to the victim, or send harassing pictures to or “of” the victim.*
Web defacement

Why high school students?
Once an adolescent enters High School, they are subject to many changes.
High School students are constantly changing to adapt to societal norms, as well as many changes in their bodies; physical, mental, and psychological.
High School students are in the final stages of development, so this is where they need to be coached on how to an adult in modern society. Essentially, this is their final stop before adulthood.
Cyberbullying (cont.)
How common is Cyberbullying?

Sameer Hinduja and Justin Patchin are leading experts on cyberbullying. They have conducted yearly surveys using large samples of high school youth and have determined (from their most recent effort) that about 20% of more than 4,000 students report being the target of internet harassment.*

Although there are many specific types of cyberbullying out there, the type of cyberbullying that occurs tends to differ by gender; girls are more likely to spread rumors while boys are more likely to post hurtful pictures or videos.

Mental Characteristics
Self worth
High school students become capable of higher levels of reasoning and abstract thoughts
Make connections between cause and effect
Become increasingly interested in politics and world issues
Some High School students tend to function at a higher cognitive level than others
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Emotional Characteristics
Students gain friendships and romantic relationships, but at the same time, become further away from their parents.
School-related relationships (with peers and teachers) become increasingly stronger.
The main things teens are looking for is "Who am I?"
Despite their relationships with peers and teachers, teens tend to keep a lot of information to themselves.
Classroom management strategies
Being that High School students are not fully matured, they will often times be disruptive. So naturally, teachers are always looking for ways to manage their classrooms effectively. Here are some strategies:

Taking charge of the classroom
Do not focus attention on disruptive students
Letting students choose their seats
Give incentives to do their best on assignments
Keep an eye on your students
Establish consequences for misbehaving
Adolescents are easily motivated by extra-curricular activties, such as; sports, hobbies, clubs, etc...

They may also be motivated by their adult role-models
Another motivation is money. That is, they will do anything for money
Parents can be a motivator as well
Cultural Characteristics
Understanding the culture of your classroom:
. There will be many different cultures
It will not be easy to sympathize, but it will be easier to empathize
. It is imperative that a neutral mind set to all cultures is in place and that they are made to feel welcome, despite their background
. Two student's cultures could cause conflict with one another, therefore it is important for the teachers to instruct the two students that they're both right in their own ways.
Learning disabilities
There are many different types of learning disabilities:

Dyslexia is a type of learning disability where a particular student has trouble spelling and reading in a timely manner.
So as a teacher it is important to be patient with that child.
ADD stands for attention deficit disorder
If a child as trouble sitting still for 8 hours in school, there are many prescription drugs that teachers can help prescribe to your child to help fix this problem. It is true that the side effects are uncertain, but we as teachers understand the risk.

To recap, I would like to teach High School students because they at the point of most vulnerability. This is, essentially, their last pit stop before entering adulthood. They have to cross many hurdles, and I feel as if though it is my mission to make every student feel like they can accomplish their dreams.
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