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War in the pacific-Historiography

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Vidushi Saxena

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of War in the pacific-Historiography

By Jobila, Varun and Vidushi WAR IN THE PACIFIC - HISTORIOGRAPHY LEFT WING HISTORIANS Called the Japanese war the 15 year war because they believed it started in 1931 (Manchurian crisis)

Put responsibility on the 'Militarist capitalist clique' i.e. the Japanese army and businessman

Depression hit Japan very hard, and being a country without resources, their only resort was China. Government didn't want to attack it but the MCC was more influential and ignored them. RIGHT WING OR NATIONALIST HISTORIANS Believe it started in 1941 (Pearl harbor attack and invasion of south-east Asia)

These historians argued that Japan was simply liberating Asian countries from western imperialism, and hence was justified. US was to blame. MICHIKO HASEGAWA Argued that although Japan's intentions were justified, the USA forced it into a war by embargoing oil shipments. Japan had to fight with countries they wanted on their sides.

Basically, he said that it was USA's fault and that Japan just got dragged into it. AMERICAN HISTORIANS Sympathetic to Chinese. They didn't want the Japanese to take over China because they wanted to contain all powers from expanding and affecting China (open door policy)

Less anti-Japanese but Japan's ignorance on the 'open door policy' led to conflict between them.
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