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Unequal Distribution of Wealth

No description

Kiana Arvand

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Unequal Distribution of Wealth

Unequal Distribution of Wealth
Presenting the Problem
In California we have such an unequal distribution of wealth
For example from a study conducted in 2009 in Beverly Hills the largest percentage of income was 200,000 or more at 19% of the population
In fact in California the amount of people earning 200,000 or more is the same percent of people earning less than 10,000
("Beverly Hills")
Why this solution?
Taking the money of the richest California citizens is the easiest solution
It's not like we could reassess what the poverty line in California really is and adjust support accordingly
Or like we could lower college costs so it's easier to access an education
So I suppose the only solution is to steal from the rich and give to the poor
We have to use this tax to truly provide a fair amount of money for the citizens of California to live off
The minimum wage isn't sufficient and the cost of living isn't getting any cheaper
This is the only solution that is an easy, quick fix to equalize opportunity in California
What can the money do?
Schools in lower class areas can get the supplies and resources they need to fully educate our youth
Therefore we are providing a truly equal education to all kids in California and giving them a way to earn a living
Other Benefits
This money can go towards improving impoverish housing
Providing more safe houses and shelters for people who don't have a place to be
Scholarships and paying off student loans
There are so many possibilities
Oh rich people....
What can we do?
These upper class citizens won't suffer I assure you, they just won't have as much money to spend on ridiculously expensive cars, bags, and jewelry
This money could go towards the education, housing, and proper care of deserving citizens of California
Kiana Arvand
Why it's a problem
$19,530 is considered enough for a family
of three living in California, according to an
online source, but this estimate is
extremely outdated
In California what is defined as poverty
isn't accurate enough and people have
to earn so much more to sustain life here
Therefore we need to accommodate the
citizens of California who aren't making
enough to support their lives here

It seems we have an excess of the obnoxiously rich that could easily help out the poor; therefore I propose we tax anyone earning more than 100,000 yearly 50% of their income to go directly to those struggling to survive.

This solution leaves the rich with enough money
to still live a very comfortable lifestyle and can
offer a full life to those who were less fortunate
There is so many great things we can put this money towards including school, housing, and equalizing the opportunity for success within California
Work Cited
"Beverly Hills, California (CA) Income Map, Earnings Map, and Wages Data." Beverly Hills, California (CA) Income Map, Earnings Map, and Wages Data. Advameg, Inc., 2009. Web. 05 Dec. 2014.

Thank you so much for listening
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