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Save the Rainforest

No description

Faaiza Murshed

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Save the Rainforest

The first steps. What can we do to help? Animal habitats. Result When we continue deforestation, many problems occur. Not only does it cause a reduce in our vegetation and medicine, it has a great impact on animals. WE are taking the habitat and vegetation of innocent animals. They do not deserve it. What is happening to rainforests?
Rainforests are slowly dying out. One of the many causes is deforestation. Deforestation is the state of trees being cut down for human uses. For timber,paper, wood and many more. In the future deforestation will be a terrible problem just as it is. Rainforests Animals without
a habitat. We are all destructing animal habitats. To help these habitats grow we can do many activities. Some of these activities include putting animals into national parks and wildlife reserves, to help them live while their habitats are fixed and regrown. If we continue doing these good deeds to help save the rainforests and it's animals, someday not as many animals will become endangered. Animals. Most of these animals
are homeless What are they? Deforestation: year by year. Rainforests are the worlds oldest
living ecosystems. They cover only
6% of the earths surface yet they contain more than 50% of the earths
plant and animal species. What happens when we keep going? Watch carefully and try
to realise the effect. Statistics What can we do to help the environment? Plant more trees Raise awareness of
the problem Enforce logging regulations Stop wasting paper Recycle Someday we might see
our animals like these..... Thankyou for watching.
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