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The Great Flood 2010

How the young generation is redefining Pakistan

Atif Mumtaz

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of The Great Flood 2010

The Great Flood 1/5 of land in Pakistan submerged 20 Million people directly affected 17 million acres of agriculture land destroyed 10Million cattle lost A disaster that lasted over 3 months "The greatest calamity of 21st century" United Nations Relief work was overwhelming.
There was no way to reach everyone at the same time. Response The biggest contributers to relief were the community itself
People helping people
Affectees sheltering other affectees Youth Response
More children and teenagers contributed than ever before
They used social media (facebook, twitter, SMS etc) to conneect and coordinate
Pushing their parents to contribute even more There were college kids who took time off to do relief work in the field
They filled trucks with relief goods and distributed them to affectees in remote areas of Pakistan Professionals taking time off from work to contribute
Housewives contributing to the cause
World may perceive Pakistan differently
But the nation is learning from its mistakes and the young generation is redefining Pakistan Crisis defines a nation The youth have spoken
The Pakistan of 21st century will be a great nation Population: 170 million
Under 25: 105 million
A staggering 65% Why Youth are important?
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