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Mobile Lab Tutorial

Mobile Lab Tutorial

silvio bonilha

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Lab Tutorial

Mobile Lab Tutorial
Locks - only handled by the teacher.
Set aside out of student’s sight.
Combination is on reservation site.
Keep locked except in room at all times.
Keep cart always plugged in.
Verify that all laptops are plugged in.
Train your students to have a clean desk, clean floor and to be orderly when get ting laptops. No liquids on table with laptop.
Unplug power cord before removing laptop
Verify that computers are in the right place. (Maybe appoint a student to verify)
Have students tell you immediately if the laptop is damaged (key missing, etc.)
Note which student has which laptop - Highly recommended to assign a number to each student.
After use, have students log off. Show you the keyboard, then close lid to put computer in standby. Plug in immediately. If battery needs to be replaced, shutdown instead.
Show students how to place - just far enough to reach with the power cord on correct shelf.
Plug in power cord after placing laptop.
Attach lock
Battery life
Train students to keep intensity at lowest comfortable level.
Train students to be aware of battery signal.
Close lid or put in standby during lulls or conversations.
Correct way
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