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When the Zhu Zhu Pets Comes Alive!

By Quyen Dong and a little help from Vianh Dong

ZhuZhuPets. Cuteness

on 15 August 2011

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Transcript of When the Zhu Zhu Pets Comes Alive!

When the Zhu Zhu Pets Became Alive!
By Quyen Dong One day 4 girls named,
Vianyh, Maddy, Mitchell
and Lin were walking to
their friend, Quyen's house for a sleep-over! In the mean time Maddy asked
"What do you in the mean time if
Quyen isn't at home?", "We go
to the Zhu-niverse", said Murphy
"Where is it?", Mitchell asked then
Spottie replyed," It's just in Quyen
cupboard!", " Can we go?" said Vianh
" Of coarse you can!" " On 1 condition!" "What?" said Lin in a worryed voice, " You must not tell anyone about our meeting because they might put us in zoos or the Zhu Zhu Prime Minster lock us in jail!" Then allof then said " Ok". The girl were extremly
suprised (and speachless)
for what they have seen!
Then Quyen said, "How you
little toys talk?", "Well, all the
Zhu Zhu Pets have has a power to
talk and move all by ourselves", said
Spottie "And be cheeky too!", said
Cappuccino. While they were talking
2 evil Zhu Zhu Pets were spying on them. One of them ran back the Zhu-Niverse to report to the evil Zhu Zhu Pet leader, Roxy! When they got there they unrolled
their sleeping-bags and played with the Zhu Zhu Pets named Cappuccino,
Spottie, Murphy and Booley. Suddenly, when Mitchell was holding Cappuccino, Cappuccino jumped out of her hands! Then the other Zhu Zhu
Pets said, "Cappuccino!", Then Cappuccino said, "Opps! Tee Hee". "Lets go"said Maddy.
"OK"said Quyen.
"Wait we must shrink first before you go into there" said Booley. Then Cappuccino shrunk the girls and they went
When they got in the girls were very suprised of the wonderful then they were seen. Then Vianh said " Pinch me am I dreaming but don't
pinch for real Quyen", when Quyen was about to pinch her! Soon the evil Zhu Zhu pets came
and arrested the human
girls! Spottie said "Please,
don't take them away, the
promised not to tell anyone
else" " But still it against the
law!" said the Evil Zhu Zhu Pet.

Then Roxy came in and said" Take
them away" but the all of the Zhu Zhu
Pets knew that humans are way more
stonger than Zhu Zhu Pets but Roxy didn't
know that (which was lucky) so the girl pull
their way out of the evil Zhu Zhu Pets paws.
Then Roxy said " But that impossible Zhu Zhu
Pets are way stonger than humans!" then Spottie" You're think the opposite Roxy". Then the Super Zhu named Dottie, Jinx, Sabrina and Howser (or Purlpe Cow) came and knocked the evils then Roxy said " I will
be back". "Lets go to my the Ice-cream Parlor!" said Jinx " I'm stavring!" said Dottie " We all are!", said Lin "lets go dudes and dudeetes". Then they went off to the Ice-Cream Parlor Spottie liked the grass flavoured ice-creanm the best. After that they went on a tour of the Zhu-niverse. When it was 5:00pm the girls (and the Zhu Zhu Pets that Quyen had) had to go home. When they got home they went to sleep. Later at night 2 evil Zhu Zhu pets
were spying on them but The evil
Zhu Zhu pets got caught by the Super
Zhus! After that Roxy never bothered
the humans again!
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