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Quick Guide to enjoy 2013 (Kurdish translation)

Animation by VisualFriday, Kurdish translation Ahmed Yousify

Peter Kuyt

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Quick Guide to enjoy 2013 (Kurdish translation)

2013 Quick Guide
for enjoying
this new year eat healthy and fair smile a lot in your lows, push through with confidence and make sure to enjoy your highs &
be love be good to
the animals & white whenever
you're stuck in black look for
the grey save some energy show your strength it's gonna be a great year! take time to read grow enjoy nature with go the flow enjoy respect the greatness of existence get a little clearer wherever you be sharp in your thinking get out there
& exercise but most of all: be yourself
if you can see this,
hit Full Screen
[bottom right] =) animation: Kurdish subtitles: Ahmed Yousify Peter Kuyt (Visual Friday)
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