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High Desert Education Service District

No description

Deb Pertner

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of High Desert Education Service District

Children With Special Needs
School Improvement
Administrative Services
The High Desert Education Service District (HDESD) supports
business, administrative and operational functions for HDESD
and partner school districts. Other services are also available to support home and alternative learning.

Evaluation of Alternative Learning Options
Offers a consistent evaluation process
for the Contract and Charter Schools
sponsored by the school districts in Crook and Deschutes counties.
Serves as the Information Technology (IT) resource for HDESD and Redmond School District.
Career & Technical Education
Supports high school and college students with career and college preparation as well as technical skill assessment and training.
Network Operations Center
Offers network support and Information Technology (IT) services (phone and computer) to school districts, and HDESD.
Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)
ABA provides specialized instruction for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and social/communication disorders in the area of language acquisition, social interaction and
pre-academics (2 years to 3rd grade).
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Supports families, teachers and school
district staff in evaluating, identifying and working with children and students with autism spectrum disorder.
Vision Services
Supports children and students with vision impairment through specialized teaching, curriculum, assistive technology and social interaction.
Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education Eligibility Team
Evaluates and identifies young children
with disabilities and special education
Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education
Provides specially designed services for children with disabilities birth to five years.
Healthy Beginnings
Healthy Beginnings changes the future one child at a time by offering young children and families in Central Oregon evidence based screening, referrals and follow-up - a 12 point kid inspection supported by volunteers in all communities served, because every child deserves a healthy beginning.
High Desert Children's Program
Provides therapeutic intervention through a day-treatment program for students Kindergarten through 8th grade.
Assistive Technology
Provides assistive, adaptive and rehabilitative devices including augmentative communications
services for children and students
with learning and communication disabilities.
Deaf Hard of Hearing
HDESD offers a number of services and resources for children and students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Services range from evaluation and assessment to specialized instruction and serve several age groups.
Orthopedic Services
Provides occupational and physical therapy services to orthopedically impaired students.
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Provides coaches to work alongside districts, families and students to generate individual learning plans for students who have suffered
brain injuries.
Healthy Families of the High Desert
Supports high risk, first-time parents of children birth to 3 years with education on child development, positive parenting practices, early literacy development, child health and safety and community resources.
Behavior Intervention Center (BIC)
Provides a short-term diagnostic program for students with an emphasis on pro-social behavior and personal growth Kindergarten through 8th grade.
HDESD partners with local school districts to provide services to families and students who are at risk or have special educational needs.
HDESD provides consultation, on-site and regional professional development, consortiums, grant projects and student programs.
Drivers Education
Offers classroom and behind the wheel
driving instruction to students 15-17 years in Bend, Sisters, La Pine, Redmond, Crook and Jefferson counties.
Family Access Network
Links families with services - through FAN advocates in the schools - to address their basic needs including food, shelter and heating to ensure that students attend school ready to learn.
Desktop Support
First Step to Success
Supports at risk youth with positive
reinforcement and behavioral intervention programs
(Kindergarten – 3rd grade).
Migrant Education
Identifies and assists migrant students in overcoming problems resulting from repeated moves and interrupted education.
Oregon Mexico Education Program

Supports Hispanic adults with children in local school districts interested in developing Spanish literacy, learning English and earning a high school equivalency certificate through evening classes in Bend.
Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports
Provides districts with necessary skills to develop, implement, and sustain practices that create safe and effective learning environments for all students.

Foreign Language Interpreting & Translation
Offers foreign language written translation and oral interpretation services to families and school district teachers and staff.
Home School Registration
Registers home school students in Crook and Deschutes counties.
Human Resource Consortium
The consortium creates efficiencies and reduce expenses for human resources services in the school districts of Central Oregon. Districts include Crook County, High Desert Education Service District, Redmond and Sisters School District.
Legal Services
Provides legal counsel and services to school districts in the areas of labor and employment, student rights and discipline, parental custodial rights and special education law. Also serves as a liaison between the Oregon Department of Education and school districts.
Provides Medicaid billing services to help school districts receive reimbursement for licensed medical providers working in education programs.
Safe School Alliance
Links school districts with public agencies to discuss and enhance policies and procedures that promote and ensure safety for students, teachers and staff (Crook and Deschutes counties).
Regional School Safety Coordination
Links school districts with public agencies to discuss and enhance policies and procedures that promote and ensure safety for students,
teachers and staff (Crook and Deschutes counties).
School Response Team
Links school districts with public agencies to discuss and enhance policies and procedures that promote and ensure safety for students,
teachers and staff (Crook and Deschutes counties).
Business Services
Assists HDESD and school district staff
with budgeting, purchasing, payroll and business software programming.
Human Resources
Supports staffing and personnel functions including labor relations, employee benefits, training and substitute employee programs
Student Information System
Provides required support and/or direct services to districts through the Electronic Student Information System.
Better Together
Better Together is a regional, cross-sector group working collectively to improve child & youth success from cradle to career. We have a common goal, we use shared indicators to measure our success and we are committed to continuous communication and improvement. Together, we are committed to increasing the culture of critical thinking and supporting Central Oregon children, youth, families and communities to reach higher from cradle to career.
Children's Forest of Central Oregon
The Children's Forest provides a network of outdoor places and program dedicated to moving all children along a continuum of learning, exploration, and healthy living through engagement with nature.
Sign Language Interpreting Services
Substitute Services
The High Desert Education Services District helps find and manage substitute teachers and educational assistants for many local school districts including Bend-La Pine, Redmond, Crook County, Sisters and Culver. Substitute services are also available for early special education programs and the Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council (COIC).
HDESD Board of Directors
HDESD offers a wide range of information technology and instructional support services to both HDESD and school district staff.
The goal of the facilities department is to maintain a safe, secure and healthy educational environment consistent with the expectations of the HDESD staff and administration.
Boosting student success
Helping school districts save money
Sharing valuable expertise & talent
Serving as champions for children of all ages (from birth to 21)

High Desert Education Service District

HDESD Interpreters provide educational access to deaf and hard of hearing students through ASL/English interpreting.
The Options Program is a behavior program with two levels for both elementary and middle school students. We serve students eligible for special education. Students gain both academic and social/behavioral skills. This is a half-day program and the student may attend their home school for the remainder of the day. Students attend the program for varying lengths of time based on the least restrictive environment that will support their needs. In the Options Program the students learn skills and practice them in their home school so that they can transition back to their school full day when they are ready.
Superintendent's Office
i4 Innovation
The i4 innovation process aims to grow the capacity of High Desert ESD staff to increase the excellence, equity and efficiency of services for students, families and community by igniting, investigating and incubating our innovative ideas.
Provides regional coordination and facilitation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) partners.
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