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Australia and the Phillipines

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trinity ...

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Australia and the Phillipines

Australia and the Philippines
What is the population ofAustralia?
The population of Australia is 22.68 million.
What is the population of the Philippines?
The population of the phillipines is 96.71 million people.
Who is the president of Philippines?
The president of the phillipines is,BENINGO NOYNOY AQUINO 3
Who is the President of Australia?
The president of Australia is Tony Abbott
Where is the Philippines?
The Phillipines is a large colony of islands, but is a lot smaller than Australia and has a lot more people than Australia does

Australia has a much smaller population than the Philippines, but a bigger land mass.

Where is Australia?

What is The land mass of Phillipines?
What'sThe total land area of Australia?
7686850 km2
299,404 KM2
What are some facts about the phillipines?
12th most populous country .
The highest point in the Phillipines is 2,954 meters high!
About 80% of the total population are Catholics
Filipinos have a different ethnic background, such as Malay, Chinese, Spanish, American, etc.
Traditional ancient Philippine toy
“yo-yo” used as a weapon at first.
What are
Phillipines absolute terms?
11.3333° N, 123.0167° E
What are Australia's absolute terms?

25.0000° S, 135.0000° E
What are some facts about australia
The world’s largest pasture / ranch is located in Australia. By area, it is like Belgium. This is – the fact.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge – the world’s largest steel arch bridge, Sydney Television Tower – the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere.
What is the Population of the Phillipines compared to Australia?
What is the differences in land masses?
Who are they?
Precious Jewels is a non profit foundation.It is in the Philippians and helps to stop child trafficking and abuse.The Precious Jewels builds home's in the Philippians for children who live in the streets, did you know it takes as little as $40 a month to educate, feed and shelter a child in the Philippians.
How can you and I help?
The O.L.R school is helping the precious Jewels by holding fundraisers and giving them the money we raise.You can also help by going to the precious jewels foundation website and sponsoring a child.
how does the majority of people in the Phillipines live?
What does the phillipines population look like next to australia's?
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